Change is eminent

Nothing is staying the same. This is a hard truth I am facing daily. What was isn’t anymore. How I could see something oneday and plan an entire project around the acces to this, to only return a week or so later and pick that up, NO, NOT NOW! The lessons are fast and hard these days. Anything that I could take a long time with requires my full attention and must be handled and dealt with NOW! OTHERWISE extreme suffering occurs through body symptoms, pain, discomfort, mental anguish, and misfortune. And if I don’t listen to that painful warning then I am taken out in a whole worse way.

I am paying attention to this learning process more than ever. I cannot deliberately enforce suffering on myself anymore so I have fine tuned my life by 80% – 85%. Still working to 100% align to my truest and most authentic way of life.

My life has become so small these days and at times I find myself judging this and quickly work to become a witness to this judge. Then I can stay away from the bully I had become after the judger had a time with me. These aspects of my ego have ruled my world perpetuating a self sabotaging life path never really succeeding because I am in the vicious cycle of failure. These are all horrific lies that I bought into in my family dynamics and carried forth into my adulthood. I am incapable of living out my past life of lies. Now I am being called to absolute truth even if it hurts others. No more protecting someone else’s sensitive nervous system while I bleed out on the floor. Truth is truth and it must be spoken now otherwise great suffering occurs.

I have learned that if I do not speak the truth in my heart, I suffer greatly while another carries on in unconscious behaviours that harm me and others.

Warning: If you are not ready to hear truth about anything or are selective in what you can handle right now I am probably not for you. Infact I am not for you.

My path is now about calling out the lurking and self sabotaging shadows within and all around me. If you want to continue your path of hiding in your ego DONT COME AROUND ME. TRUTH WILL PREVAIL and discomfort is a part of that however change is eminent and I am signed up for this course of mastery.

Let’s all do this together because while there may be alot of discomfort at least we are in it together. We can shed light on each other and help one another through the darkness as we face it head on together as a tribe. This is what I am signed up for. Hopefully I will see you there.

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