Frequency Medicine New Expert Program designed for the ‘gift in my breast’

My new expert program has arrived. My colleague in Florida had a specialty program made by a master frequency medicine developer. He has been designing specialized frequency Medicine programs for 40 years.

UPDATE: this is a 78 minute program designed specifically for the gift in my breast among other challenges in my body.

First run completed at 10 minutes. Second went for 33 minutes which began to irritate with intense burning and itching in the crease below breast and right inside the tumor. Third treatment went for 39 minutes. The developer said that I would not be able to take the full program and it would complete early and work it’s way towards a full time. He also said the symptoms tell him it’s working and going after the cancer. I feel this too. I feel like it’s getting inside the tumor and is going to blow it apart.

I will continue updates as I go along with this journey.

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  1. Pattie Wolfram says:

    Love and light are sent to you to assist with your healing.


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