‘Time Out’ is a Succesful part of who we are.

I had a time out day yesterday, . I couldn’t really come out of my room, needed to be still, quiet, non communicative, not engage in anyone else’s feelings, ideas, thoughts or opinions unless I was choosing to. In mainstream society I would be seen as dysfunctional, that there is something wrong with me, unproductive (not a good thing, you gotta be busy and productive). I was angry, impatient, edgy and just really needing alone inward time and space where I am not forced, judged or imposed on to function in another way to serve someone else.

If I was living alone I would not of felt another’s imposing and judging energy on me as I have lived alone for many years and not felt this. I know that people almost can’t help themselves when you become unavailable as you have been to them. Especially in relationships if you each haven’t done the conscious awakening work of becoming aware and self responsible.

Awakening has opened up the discovery of myself as a God/Creator being whom is a fully embodied whole human. I am not dependant on others for anything other than what they are living from from their own God/Creator self. There is a FUNDAMENTAL FAULT embedded in the wounded psyche of human beings that each of our needs and wants are fully dependant on someone else supporting and/or giving this to us. IF WE ARE NOT SUPPORTED OR GIVEN what we need by another we impose, judge, separate, pull away and/or bully others to do this. Because most of us lacked the balanced parental love, support and giving as a child we went forth into the world as needy and dependant people, unaware that we were operating in this way.

So if you are in relationship, have to work and have fellow employees that rely on you, roommates, family members, tribe, etc and you haven’t realized you are God/Creator then you will continue to be in frustrating and even difficult relations with all of these people. And if they haven’t done the conscious awakening work to embody being God/Creator then there is just a big pile of dysfunction and messy interactions.

We as a society must get into the conscious awakening work to remember our God/Creator self. And once we are living through this place we will need strong communication skills to tell others that we are not available in these moments of needing a time out. And we need to fully embody love for ourself through this time of our ‘time out.’

As we embody this loving acceptance of ‘time out’ we all become the God/Creator that we are.

Acceptance, love, patience, kindness and compassion are all ingredients to being God/Creator

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