‘Thriving to Live’ Being the best human I can be.

September 12, 2020 I was called into the medical system with an arrhythmia where my heart was beating between 180 to 195 beats per minute. It was in this co19 times that the institution for sickness diagnosed me with breast cancer metastasized. I have written about this experience refer to my blog dated around October to December 2020. I am giving this introduction to open up my personal journey with this.

Let’s go back about 3 years, living in a black mold infested apartment, I was very healthy, vegan, eating a wide array of nourishing whole foods. And began to have serious health issues. 6 emergency visits to electric shock my heart back into normal rhythm. Anxiety so bad I kept running out of my home at night and out into my back yard. I did not sleep well, and there was a time when things were escalated I spent 30 nights in a row with no sleep. I eventually had to go on a anti-anxiety medication which only turned off the ‘get the hell out of this apartment emergency signal’ firing off in my body and brain. And it did calm me down to a degree, again because it was shutting down my true life experience of the mold apartment and what living there was doing to my health.

I believe that with my vaccines as a child, my upbringing, sexual trauma, horrific violence perpetrated on me, having to leave my home at 14 years old, living with violent men and being abused, becoming an addict and my bad diet up till I was 34 all contributed to this diagnosis. Living in the mold apartment broke down my system long enough to give the cancer an opening to anchor in.

I also know that chronic anxiety was a big contributing factor. I have had an anxiety disorder since I was 15 years old. I remember my first anxiety attack, in a bar, 15 years old and these guys gave us a joint to smoke, I smoked it and went crazy right after. I believe they had laced it with some chemical.

I spent the last 21 years trying to undo the massive suffering I had been through. And still meeting challenge after challenge while working on remembering my perfection. I have to say this life has been an enormous painful experience. Tragedy after tragedy. Extreme sexual and violent abuse. I was truly a very lost and highly traumatized human being. And I have worked so incredibly hard to come back from this life, to survive, to sober up, to begin piecing my life back together and to not give up and take my life. I have had some longer moments of peace within these last 21 years which I am EXTREMELY GRATEFUL for.

And in these years there were some horrific moments of utter sorrow, being with addictive men while I am now sober, travelling in foreign countries with a man who was absolutely out of control, the trauma of this trip took years to heal from. And all the while I had been broken so deeply and profoundly that living as a normal human here had become impossible for me with the level of PTSD. Maybe this was my greatest gift too, incapable of working a regular job. The anxiety around being anywhere other than where I had full control gave me so much anxiety I could never work for anyone ever again.

I am a highly creative and intelligent human being that was never given the safety, care and home to thrive through. No wonder a Gift came knocking. The gift of breast cancer. And now I am in the most corrupt corporation there is. Although not participating fully in it. I was given strict guidance that there would be no mammograms, biopsies, operations, chemo and/or radiation. How did I know not to do this? That these treatments are infact toxic and unsafe alternatives to getting well. It was and still remains my greatest teacher and guide, my innate knowing. I know this is a connection to God/Creator. And that I am a part of God/Creator.

As the Journey continues and I seek alternative options, treatments, protocols, supplementation, etc I find the answers through a tight connection to a power and reality outside of this 3D life. The magic of my reality which is beyond this 3D one is the only place I feel at home and safe. I have a very clear understanding what is trying or attempting to take place here and if it is outside of love then I am not interested. My directions are very clear and simple steps that I am attuned to.

When I need new information to help me remember I am guided to a website, a book, a podcast, a teacher, etc and this places me on my next path.

I believe that I am not this singular human named Dana Lynn. I am a Soul who is God/Creator and a part of the oneness of us all. I know that each of you are also God/Creator. That we are a part of something so magnificent that this world is only a tiny part of the whole. I am here to inspire and share my story. And I know that my life and arriving where I am and who I have become through this horrific tragedy is someone else’s inspiration to get out of their darkness.

Whether my life transitions through breast cancer or I stay and live out more of this life I know this is NOT IT…THERE IS SO MUCH MORE TO THIS EXISTENCE. AND I feel I still have alot more to accomplish and do here. So while I am here, whether a couple years or 30 or 40 more years I am going to be the best human I can be.

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