Anxiety, Rage, Grief and Confusion?

If you are not experiencing at least one of these, probably 2 and even all four of them…I would guess that you may not be human. In these times when global human rights are being stripped away, pedophilia is becoming normalized and genders are vanishing while they and them, or I identify as a sheep are becoming the norm… with perceived pandemics, imposed and bullied vaccine mandates, who doesn’t feel anxiety, rage, confusion and grief? All of these are accurate responses to this world we find ourselves in.

The old behavours of carrying on in the world of consumption, instant gratification, ignoring our neighbors and strangers, if I need I get it, ways are over. Now a whole entire species, earthlings, must find out who they really are because what was available isn’t always anymore. What we knew about our world, alot of that was and is, a lie. And what we just believed to be our right is now being challenged and often changed to fit a narrative of the new world order. Where a very small percentage of our population is in control of everything. And no this is not a conspiracy theory, do your research and don’t use the owned news, social and other media platforms that have an extreme bias to find out the real truth.

So what can I do in this world to deal with the ever so weighing mental disturbance and strain of these times? I can focus on my internal reality, growing a peaceful and balanced inner eco system. Getting at and transcending old outdated and wounded story lines from a past that my parents were also very wounded in. I can develop my creative expressions and skills. I can fine tune my sacred ceremonies and path. Aligning to what is integral, right and honoring. Understanding others are at their worst right now because they have just been dropped in this life that seemed one way but isn’t anymore.

They are inexperienced in how to manage their emotional field. So it is up to me to hold a sense of compassion while keeping strong boundaries with possible abuse and disrespect from these humans. Do not engage in lower energies outside of the heart. Let people be who they are but I don’t have to be around for it. Be kind, helpful, supportive without compromising myself. Speak my truths when I know it will fall into an open heart otherwise walk away. Feed myself healthy and nourishing foods, supplement when needed, create my own medicines from nature, cultivate loving connections with tribe and ask for help when I need it. Live simply, create gardens to grow my own food and wild forage respecting nature’s laws.

These are my practices daily. My life has become alot smaller however richer in nature. I thrive in creating a life that has very little drama, alot of creative expression through my art, and my shamanic medicine woman teachings implemented in my day to day life. I must look at my shadow that arises when it does and work through it holding the integration and remembering my God/Creator essence.

So if you are feeling any or some or all of these feelings, you are not alone, WE ARE IN THIS TOGETHER, WALKING EACH OTHER HOME! Use this important time to deepen your connection to self, find what makes you alive and know everyone is struggling, some more than others.

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