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ATTENTION:  Dearest Friends and Visitors… If you enjoy the videos you watch here and they are helpful for you, inspiring and motivating please pass them along to others that you think would also enjoy them. 

ALSO… we do accept donations for all the research and experimenting we do to bring this information to you.  Dana Lynn has lived this life for over 20 years now and continues to experiment and research to find the highest quality of foods.  She uses fresh and dried herbs, superfoods and mushrooms.  She experiments with processing and holistic  preparations, cooking and presenting methods for you all through her own alchemizing  process.  Everything here on The Dharmacy has been tested and lived by Dana Lynn for over 20 years.


Fermented Lentil Dahl Soup Part 1

Fermented Lentil Dahl Soup Part 2

Making Savoury Yeast Dressing

Making Oat Milk part 1

Making Oat Milk part 2

Making Vegetarian Soup Stock from Juice Pulp part 1

Making Veggie Soup Stock from Juice Pulp part 2

Making Vegetarian Soup Stock from Juice Pulp part 3

Vegan Gluten Free Mac & Cheese

Making Hummus

VEGAN MILK KEFIR made with Pecans

Morning VEGAN hot drink

Breaking my fast.  Breakfast is breaking the fast of the night before.


Healthy VEGAN DELICIOUS Chocolate Milk

Making Vegan Ground Beef

3 Simple Ingredients with herbs and spices.  This is such a delicious substitute for that savory meaty craving you might get.

This is the 2nd part of making the veggie ground beef

Fresh Farm Eggs and Kombucha Mayo

Covid 19 Gratitude THANK YOU Channeling

A message from the Divine Wisdom of Love…

Salmonberry Flower Essence

Rose Pedal Infusion Lemonade

Juice Cleanse Video

Please watch this very easy to follow comprehensive 1, 2 or 3 day cleanse. You choose how many days you want to do it.


Video here

And if you want a Kansa Wand treatment from me, Dana Lynn please let me know and we can do that whenever that flows for us both. This is an extra cost which we can figure out what that will be. It is anywhere from 10-15 minutes long.

250 895 0951 thedharmacy@gmail.com

Sauerkraut 101 Video Series

This is a 2 part video series, a total of no more than 10 minutes for both videos and you can learn how to make homemade sauerkraut.

Part 2

Making a Hot Drink Latte VEGAN Part 1 of 2

Part 2 Making a hot drink latte VEGAN 

The Dharmacy Studio Tour

Welcome to our Art Studio where magic and whimsy meet reality.

Part 2 of The Dharmacy Art Tour

Dana Lynn’s Personal  Messages

Beauty is a Verb

beauty is a verb

Honoring the Aging Process