New Way of Being

Consciously Creating

We are practicing a new way of doing business, we call it Consciously Creating!  It works on availability and what is in abundance, what is being channeled through our creative process, our connections with you and pure freedom to be the ultimate creative person that we can be as it flows through us organically.  There is also a level of trust here with you that you must trust that you will receive exactly what you require from us at the perfect moment and it may not always be how you “think” it should be or “when” you feel it should come!  This is also part of our service, we are a channel for you to learn how to trust what comes to you, when it comes!

Gifting/Sharing and Contributionism

We are also bringing in another way of commerce, We are launching through our business, a new way to do commerce Gift Sharing and/or Contributionism a term labelled by Michael Tellinger.  The way it works is…

WE have an abundance in say nettles, we create infusions, tinctures, pesto and food dishes with what we are abundant in and we share with you without any expectation of a return.  Remember this transaction must be from our heart to yours, if it isn’t in the heart its not going to happen.  We must be allowed the full freedom to give through the channel of abundance and gifting because it is simply just in us to give in that moment. We believe that by doing commerce in this way we open up a portal of abundance that will far exceed any and all of our needs.  And we are already in practice of this Gift Sharing Economy.  It works!!!

Please contact us if you would like to be a part of this COMMERCE REVOLUTION.  We are building a network of people who want this and see how this kind of business will bring us into the ANCIENT WAY AND OLD PRACTICE OF ABUNDANCE!

We know and understand that this is the way of the future, we have to stop working from a place of lack, expectation of an exchange and orders and demands that do not fit where we are personally and we must work with the real availability of our personal time and space.  Allowing a beautiful balance of synchronicity and flow with the self, others and our environment.

This work we do is not suppose to be difficult and hard, our practice is “ease, flow and effortlessness.”  This is how we live our life.  We know this will catch on and we are happy to be a leading frontier in this new wave of conscious business and commerce called “Consciously Creating,” “Gift Sharing” and “Contributionism.”

If we, the people who are serving you are in our creative flow, happy, joyful and abundant then you can guarantee that what you are receiving is of the highest integrity & quality, is vibrant and alive, nourishes and fuels you and will allow you to maintain a healthy lifestyle!

We know you will love what we are offering and if you don’t we are happy to correct that.  We do also accept money if that is a true offering from your heart to ours.

Sharing Program

We want everyone to have access to our services and feel that money is not the only source of value.  We believe that everyone is abundant in many different areas of their lives and money may not be one of them.  We are open to discuss and negotiate a personal trade, exchange and/or sharing that serves us all.

Please if you do have an abundance of money use what you’re abundant in as we will know that there is an energy present and the process will not flow and evolve into anything, so let’s not waste anyone’s time, mine or yours.

We trust that the balance of money that we require to keep our services running and our lifestyle paid for will come in and that other sources of value will also compensate and give us what we require as well.

Thank you for your openness and honesty in this matter, we look forward to our transactions with you, whatever that may be.


Ok what is WHY?

It’s an acronym W.H.Y. What Have You.  I heard about it when I started getting into the bartering, trading and exchanging economy.  They use the term to ask another what they have to trade for what they are offering.  And it works brilliantly, I offer something I have in abundance or no longer require and will ask for specific things, services, objects or stuff or WHY, what have you in abundance or not want anymore.  We have been intelligently mediating in this other revenue stream for quite some time!  BUT, A BIG BUT, it has really only been segregated into this specific area of trade, bartering and exchanging.

What if we bring it into mainstream?  What if we offer this as an equal opportunity of abundance for anything offered in the mainstream business ?

I know for all you money people this might seem like quackery!  However if you are intelligent people which I am sure you are you will see the proliferate opportunity here in increasing your revenue streams exponentially.  Where you wouldn’t have had a client or customer before with the WHY revenue stream you open up another gateway of funds which then inspires another client who now may want what this customer just offered you.  Two more clients you would not have otherwise had if you didnt offer the WHY payment option.

The Dharmacy offers the WHY payment option in all our services, products and art.

Please take this under advisement and consider how this could help your business grow, how this could close the huge gap between poor and rich and how this would bring our economy back into a fair equal opportunity for everyone to get what they need and want.

This is a win win answer for our crushing economic crisis!!!

Be on the cutting edge of this revolution!