Crystal and/or Healy Pouch

Below is all the pouches I have for sale right now.

Video below on how I use the crystal pouches.

Crystal Pouch directions

If you want a special color this is an added cost because I will have to go and shop for it and pay out what it costs for a whole skein of yarn. I will do this however the cost is double what you see above. If you can get a group of people that want the same color then the costs can be split.

I hope you find one you love and I look forward to sharing my creations with you.

Please contact me with which one you want. Just simply count down from 1 – 9 at the top and a brief description of it so we make sure its the right one. Include your name, address and phone number. You will need to pay for the pouch with the appropriate link below. And when I mail it out I will send you a copy of the tracking number and the amount to be paid for shipping. Thank you for your order it means the world to me.

Solid Color $19.95

Multi-Color $25.00

If you want to know what the Healy Frequency Device is click here

If you want to read my entire Proposal letter here it is…

Dearest Tribe;

Hello, what an incredibly exciting time for us all who are discovering Frequency Medicine.  I have recently come into the Healy tribe just over three weeks ago.  I am deeply committed to the holistic journey and utterly ecstatic about discovering Frequency Medicine.  

I was praying for the next phase of my healing journey and Frequency Medicine magically fell in my lap.

I was diagnosed 27 months ago with stage 4 breast cancer metastasized.  The 10 doctors and 2 surgeons all told me I had to begin chemo and radiation immediately and the tumor was inoperable.  I received very clear messages from what I call my higher presence that I would not be going into western medicine to address it in this way.  Although there have been a few moments where the doctors saved my life along the way.  

Back in September 2020 my left lung had completely collapsed from being full of fluid from the right breast tumor which from now on I will refer to it as ‘the gift.’  My heart had gone into arrhythmia reaching 195 beats per minute.  I was rushed into Emergency after 2 days of trying to bring my heart back into normal rhythm.  It was here in Covid times that they found the massive tumor growing in my right breast, which I have always referred to it as ‘the gift.’  They all gave me or they said with the coldest of bedside mannerisms, “you have no more than 3 months to live, we can help give you a little more time but its not going to be very comfortable.” They did save my life with the catheter in my left pleural cavity to drain fluid and to keep the lung clear.  Eventually the fluid stopped filling the lung, it healed up and I had the catheter removed.  

I had been doing IV treatments at the Naturalpath for 8 months or so in total, maybe longer.  These were challenging times but I feel they were very effective and it was there that I received PEMF treatments for the first time and every time I went thereafter.

I have stayed devoted to the holistic path.  I have done many protocols, supplements, tinctures, juicing, smoothies, and a vegan diet.  I have cut  out honey and maple syrup except when I did the master cleanse for ten days.  I have not done any white sugar in 20 years.  I have spent thousands of dollars on treatments and high-end products.  And do not regret one moment of it.

I am writing this letter to ask for SUPPORT AND TO MAKE A PROPOSAL.   Hi my name is Dana Lynn and I have the HEALY Resonance Plus FREQUENCY MEDICINE DEVICE and want to upgrade to the HEALY Professional FREQUENCY MEDICINE DEVICE.  RIGHT NOW UNTIL JANUARY 1 2023 they are offering a 45% discount to upgrade.  I truly believe the nutrition application and the stem cells are an essential and must have for this part of my transformation and remembering of my perfection which the Professional Edition has.  I have listened to my intuition the entire time of this journey and it has not failed me.  My intuition is telling me to get this Upgrade for the stem cell and nutrition Frequency Medicine.

I know I am not done in this world yet, I have much to still do.  I have already a donation of $800 from one of my dear friends saying she wanted to invest in me getting the nutritional app for a year.  But as I gave it more thought I remembered that the upgrades were extended till Jan.1 2023 and I thought it’s a smarter move to invest in an upgrade to the Professional. So I am trying to figure out how I can get this.  And what I have come up with is I am a artist and got an idea to make these pouches that you hang around the neck that can be used for the Healy device or one can put crystals in it as well.  It makes it easy to carry a crystal and the healy device with you.  You can choose from an array of colors as well.  I have already made 11 and have a price of $19.95 for a solid color or $25 for multi-colored.  The beauty of these pouches are that they are multi-use, you can put your crystal’s in them when you want to charge up or shift an energy within or around you.  And put your Healy Frequency Device in it.  A few pros of the pouch are:  makes carrying your crystal or Healy portable and easy.  Also the color of the pouch can bring a frequency of medicine to you.

I hope you will consider investing in one of these pouches as it’s for a very good cause, ‘Thriving to Live’ which has been my mantra since the start of this incredible journey I am on.  If you want to know more about me and my ‘Thriving to Live’ path with ‘the gift’ please head on over to my website where under Menu you will find the ‘Thriving to Live’ page which shares my entire 27 month journey with new posts often.

Thank you for reading this and your consideration.  I am going to get this Upgrade ‘come high or hell waters’ I think is the saying! 

Blessings and Love on everyday, it is an absolute monumental gift to be here on this Earth and in this Era, breathing, living and Thriving.

With the deepest respect,

Dana Lynn Truitt

PS if you want to order one or more of the pouches please message me through my contacts page