Dharmacy Studio

Contact the Dharmacy Studio by at 250 895 0951 or thedharmacy@gmail.com

Discover a special gift for yourself, friend or family member. All creations are open to a donation/exchange/trade and money. We put the hours it took to make the creation and leave the deciding value between you and Dana Lynn in the moment.

The Dharmacy Studio is A place where DL’s vast inner landscape becomes reality.  Each piece enters a process that can involve: nature, meditation, introspection, music, silence, and dreams mixed with her deep emotions.  Inspired by everything in life: environment, people, nature, words, conversations, cinema and so much more.  If we had to describe her work with a few words: MAGIC, WHIMSICAL and SHAMANIC.  She inspires people to find their own artist whatever palette they choose.  Her studio is her home, she believes there is no division, art is like her breath, absolutely necessary to thrive as a human being.

Come and see where the creations take form, meet the artist and maybe if you don’t quite see what you are seeking you and Dana Lynn can join together to inspire that perfect piece of art or creation for yourself.

Dana Lynn’s art consists of wall hangings with wood she finds in nature, dreamcatchers, small art installations, rattles made from bull kelp and shells, and all things crocheted. Her modality is always evolving and changing to meet her internal landscape of expression.

The Dharmacy Studio Tour Part 1

Dharmacy Studio tour

The Dharmacy Studio Tour Part 2

Dharmacy Studio tour

Bull Kelp Rattle

Bull Kelp Rattle

Dharmacy Designs Clothing Line

The Dharmacy Designs

We offer all of our tops and designs with a donation option and we also put a sliding scale price on each top. We will say how many hours it took for Dana Lynn to create each design so you can figure out what would be an appropriate trade or value. We are open to receive more than the value we have put on it if you have the money. We put a lower value on our items so that people who don’t have alot of money can afford them. You can pay some cash and do a trade or just a trade that we mutually agree to. You will need to pay for shipping.

Summer soft yellow classic bikini with some Lacey accents.

This summer soft yellow classic bikini top with lacey accents is a ” need to have” in the summer wardrobe. Large size. 5 hours to complete. $60-$70. By donation and/ or trade.

Boho Festival Top

This is one of DL’s original first designs. 5 hours. $50-$75 . By donation and/or trade. Size: Medium

Peek-a-boo Halter Top
another beautiful goddess modeling this peek-a-boo top

DL is so excited about this Dazzle Blue peek-a-boo Halter top. This top took 7 hours to make. 100% cotton. $85-$105 or by donation and/or trade. Size: medium.

Sunshine Boho Festival Top

This was DL’s first boho top she made. This is like wearing a sunny day!☆ This took 7 hours to make. $75-$95. By donation and/or trade. Size: large.

Soft Fuzzy Bralette

These 2 soft beauties are made from a yarn like wearing your soft cuddly teddy bear. Cream, soft yellow and 2 tone blue colors make these tops leave an imprint of cuddly and soft wherever you go. 5 to 7 hours to make. $75-$95. By donation and or trade. Size: Medium to Large.

Denim Blue Half Top

This casual and fun Denim coloured half top fits super easy. Slips off the shoulder at the perfect moment to make that irresistible impression of sexy and fun! 100% cotton yarn. Medium to Large. 5 hours to make. $50-$60. By donation and/or trade.

Soft Pink criss cross top

This top is made from a baby blanket yarn, so super cuddly and comfy. 7 to 8 hours to make. $75-$105. By donation and/or trade. Size: large

V front and back top

This is also made from the baby blanket yarn. It’s so comfy on! Soft Blue. Size: large. $85-$105. By donation and/or trade.

Passion & Purple bralette

This fun multi-colored bralette just wreaks of passion and festivities! 5 to 6 hours. $65 – $85. By donation and/or trade. Size Medium to Large.

Also the mandala/dreamcatcher wall hanging was made and designed by DL as well. This took 5 hours. $50-$65. By donation and/or trade.

Mustard Crop Top


This sexy sleek crop top will dazzle up any outfit. Size: Small. 6 hours. $50 – $60. By donation and/or trade.

Daisy-Mae Bolero Top

This super sexy Daisy-Mae bolero slip off the shoulders top was so much fun to make. 9 hours to make. $150-$170. Size: Medium to Large.

White Lacey Bolero Top
Another beautiful model showing this lacey classic Daisy Mae bolero top

This was the second version of the Daisy-Mae top above. So much fun, sexy and feminine. Size: large to Xlarge. 9 hours to make. 100% cotton. By donation and/or trade. $150-$170.

Classic Denim Goddess Bralette

This is one of our classic goddess bralette designs. Enjoy this exquisite piece of what we refer to as jewellery with just casual cut off shorts! Size: Large. 5 to 6 hours to make. 100% cotton. $75-$85. By donation and/or trade.

Classic Goddess Bralette


Seabreeze color makes this classic goddess bralette in demand for all those Mermaids out there! Size: small. 7 hours. 100% cotton. $75-$85. By donation and/or trade.

soft fuzzy pink bra

This is a simple design. This is one of our bra designs. We can create many different ones in any color and yarn. THESE ones are made by special order, vary in size and hours it takes to make but at least 5 hours. $65-$85 approx.

Dragonfly Tie Up Crop Top

This is a very special top. My Lifer asked if I could make her a top with a dragonfly in it. I found a design, studied it and this is what happened. I have 2 large ones of these, one in cream and one in a multi-colored mocha print. 9 hours to make. $130-$150. By donation and/or trade.

Coral Boho Top with beads

This is a design we are super excited to show you all. A slightly different cup design which we are really loving. It also has a slight peek-a-boo under the breast which is super trending this year. It also has a bead center which adds to the elegance of this style. Size: Medium. 6 or 7 hours to make. 100% cotton. $85-$105. By donation and/or trade.

Teal Green V Front with lace accent back Crop Top

This is just off the press, brand new design. Look at the v front revealing your beautiful breasts. And the back with this delicate lace accent. 6 hours to make. $65-$75. Size: small. By donation and/or trade.


This sage Green bikini style bralette is just a new design, HOT OFF THE PRESS!! Notice the scalloped bottom trim. Nice lace ties. 5 hours to make. $50-$60. By donation and/or trade.



This sweet dragonfly bralette was specially designed and made for an AMAZING teacher of a couple daughters of a dear friend. This teachers name is dragonfly. I was given the task to design and make this TOP in less than 24 hours. What a success it is. We love the 100%cotton yarn, 2 tone, sage green and beige together. Took about 6 hours to make. $75-$85.

Coral Accent Lace Back Crop Top

New tank top with lace back. Coral trim and accents with a yarn that is lightly speckled. It’s such a lovely look, soft yet bright a combination of both sides. Wear this on a hot summer day and feel like you just belong in the day! This top makes a statement. 100% cotton. 6 to 7 hours to make. Small. $75-$85.

Pride top


This is a truly special top made to honour pride. Bright, brilliant, colorful and a classic style. This was made from a bunch of yarn I had left in my drawer. We love using up scraps here at The Dharmacy and creating magic with them. This is PURE MAGIC! 7 hours to make. $75-$85

Classic Yellow Mustard Bralette


This classic bralette in a bright yellow mustard color is absolutely exquisite. Fits like a glove. Lace look with incredible support I have been told. 100% cotton. 5 to 6 hours to make. $75-$85.

Mermaid Color Bralette

This mermaid sea color bralette top is a show stopper!!! Its like putting on an emerald necklace. Put this top on over your tan and watch the eyes coming your way in awe of the beauty. Notice the dragonfly accent. 7 hours to complete. 100% cotton. Large size. $85-$95.


First teen bralette. This Xsmall top fits this amazing teen like it was made just for her. 4 hours to complete. $45-$55.

We make hats, hoodies, fingerless mitts, sweaters, tops, stuffed animals, key chains, headbands, and so much more.