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For any or all of the Supports below please call or text Dana Lynn at 250 895 0951. t.

Medicine Woman Shamanic Support

This offering is some of the most authentic, transparent, radically truthful , diving deeply into the self, 100% owning and accountable processing support Dana Lynn (DL) has made available.

DL’s great gifts of being able to read people’s core limiting beliefs and exposing their wounded patterns as well as their passions through the deep landscape of their intimate and personal journey allows EXTREME TRANSFORMATIVE CHANGE AND SHIFTS.  This is a REFRAMING AND LIFE CHANGING process, which will change your trialectory from this moment on.

This  Medicine Woman Shamanic Support is a way of  facing and clearing old patterns and behaviours which allow profound CHANGES to occur.  DL has been presented with many gifts and one is this incredible ability to hold space for you to process your triggers through translating your emotions, thoughts, beliefs and limiting ways of being. And from this you will remember your greatest self, live your passion daily, be in service from a place of love and fullness and dive into the depths of your darkness using this as your greatest gem to thrive and flourish!

Are you ready for this workshop, this workshop that isn’t really a workshop. This non-existent workshop that is really just about you, YOU ARE THE WORKSHOP!!!

Food Consulting Service

WE provide a consulting service around food and drinks. All our ingredients are blessed with prayer while on the sacred geometry mat as well as positive loving intention. It is important to us that when we touch and prepare anything it is in a happy, positive and loving space.
We provide consulting in truly nourishing, healing, healthy, 100% vegan unless otherwise discussed meals, as well as sauerkraut, sprouted foods, fermented foods (not just sauerkraut), soups and more.
We recommend preparing foods with produce that is in season, either locally grown and/or organic when available.
To receive our food service consulting you must email us, text or phone to open up the conversation of how we will co-create together. WE BELIEVE IN TRUE CREATION which can only be birthed when there are no restrictions, confines or outside demands.


kraut kraut1

We make a wide array of krauts, not just cabbage!  We use rutabaga, parsnips and carrots too, and more.  We also add spices and herbs to amplify its healing properties, working synergistically with the energetics of the produce and herbs, bringing together an elixered concoction of probiotic & enzyme magic.  Living Foods!

Fermented Drinks & Vinegar 


We provide healthy, healing and nourishing drinks.  We specialize in fermented drinks from Kombucha, Water Kefir, Jun, Herbal Infusions, and Medicinal Herbal Blends.  Also we make a whole array of fermented vinegars from kombucha, water kefir and Jun doing a slow 2-3 day cook and an induction after with herbs, spices and fruit.  We will work with you personally on drinks that are designed for your particular situation depending on what you might be wanting to be with.  This would have to be discussed and our Consciously Creating policy is still in play with our drinks as well, so we will let you know what we have available for you.

Medicinal Chocolate this is the real stuff!!! 100% Cacao

meltingcacao1 chocolate chocolate2 chocolate3

We create medicinal chocolate.  What makes our chocolate medicinal?  It is made from Certified Organic Cacao Butter, Paste and Powder with pure maple syrup.  Just on its own its medicinal as it is rated one of the highest on the ORAC scale for anti-oxidants.  We believe Cacao is medicine.  I have personally connected with the spirit of the Cacao plant in Guatemala and was told that I would be working with its medicine and have for over 15 years now been using it and sharing it.  We also add other medicinal ingredients to the chocolate making:  turmeric, maca, matcha, chia seeds and so much more!

Tinctures & Infusions

 We make our own tinctures & infusions, we have sourced the plants from ethical sources, we have grown them ourselves and harvested or we have harvested them.  Again all of the tinctures & infusions are placed on our sacred geometry mat with intention and prayer.  We also create an alter that infuses certain energies with the alchemy process while these tinctures and infusions steep.  We take the utmost care, love and divine attention to this process to bring you the highest of quality.

Therapeutic Grade Essential Oils 

We have been using Therapeutic Grade Essential Oils for over 15 years now.  We have done plenty of research and use them everyday in our practice.  We offer personalized blends for different dis-ease you have in your body.  We also offer a service where we will develop your own personalized scent, sort of like your own personal perfume you might say.  However this perfume is medicinally aromatic which works on so many levels with healing the body, mind, spirit and heart!  We make ointments, salves and creams to put on the body.

Spiritual Practices:

spiritualpractices2 spiritualpractices3

 Holistic Health Coaching – I have traveled down a very diverse path of health & wellness.  Through my almost 22 years of this journey I have studied, practiced, implemented, worked through and basically used myself as the living experiment of healing the body, mind, spirit and heart.  I have used colonics, enemas, cleansing, fasting, energy & body work  and practices, voice and noise therapy, colour therapy, biomat (far infrared), accupuncture, accupressure, essential oils, deep healing work through shamanic techniques, plant medicines, vibrational & drumming, meditation, breathe work, exercise, food, plants and drinks have been an incredible tool, and so much more.  I would love to share with you any and all of these that I have mentioned here with you to see if anything could be a supportive alternative for you.  I am very empathic and intuitive when it comes to picking up on people and what is happening on many different levels.

Positive Thought & Affirmations – I have been using this practice for almost 22 years AND IT WORKS!!!  I will share with you how you can bring this practice into your daily life to retrain old thought patterns into new positive ones.  It is simple and very easy to have in your tool kit to assist you in moments when you feel sad, depressed, angry, victim to someone or the world, outraged or believe something that isn’t serving you anymore.

Emotional Clearing – We believe that all dis-ease and ailments are stemmed from unhealed emotions that are stored up in the body and wait there until it no longer can sit there anymore.  We have been cultivating practices and techniques to help get to the source of our emotional blocks, become aware and conscious that they exist and are there, releasing, accepting what is and forgiving and integrating new thought patterns to retrain the brain, body and emotional realm to bring in a higher frequency of love.

Radically Authentic Processing – Through my years of work I have come to this processing which has surpassed so much of the other processing work I have done.  If you are not ready for absolute honesty and true radical authenticity then this is not the work for you.  And I have to say if you are not ready for this work you are not ready to do work with me.  I am able to hone into what is going on inside of you, I pick up on energetic signals, body language, words, gestures and unspoken energies that are just present in our meeting whether in person, over the phone or messenging or skype.  This work takes you to the core of your self wounding, you won’t be able to hide from it, I have a gift in this area of drawing it out.  If you are ready to really change your life and get truly honest and radically authentic then lets continue.