Courses & E-Books

Welcome Seekers of life lessons… Here you will find a collection of my short e-books and other people’s books/courses that will hopefully help you see something in yourself, support you going through a challenging time and/or know that you are not alone and are taken care of always.

I have placed a donation amount on each of my e-books and you are welcome to donate more if you so choose.

Also you will find another heading called Courses below that are created by other people that I feel have good valuable information to help support you in your different areas of your life. There is a fee for these courses and I do receive a commission for your purchase here.

This is all a way that I receive abundance to keep my website up and running and my life operating so that I can continue to research, experiment and share with you all that I do.

Thank you for reading and stopping by here I truly appreciate sharing my journey with you. If you find yourself in a position where you need a little more than just reading one of my e-books or a course please go to this link to check out all my Spiritual Practice Services to help you in understanding and moving on.

E-Books (My Own)