Homesteading Anywhere

What is homesteading?

Living, implementing, trying and/or experimenting with ways that keep one attuned to and respecting the earth forever. This could be referred to the old ways of living and the old days. Some of or alot of these old traditions and lifestyles were being automatically lived because of no access to the modern day options. I believe that this way is coming back because modern day options are out of reach due to sky rocketing costs, extreme polution, toxic chemicals in our water, food and air and catastrophic housing.

I have been adopting these old way options for 15 years or more. I love living with way less, using things in multiple ways, reusing, fixing, repairing, making all my own foods and medicines, growing a garden, and wild foraging when I can.

I hope you enjoy this page it will be full of my homestead tricks, recipes, life hacks, existing with less is more ideology and how I am Homesteading Anywhere I live…

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3 Homesteading Tips

Update at The Dharmacy Homestead kitchen, what is happening this morning?

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DIY Dryer Sheets with essential oil

LAUNDRY BALLS, what are they? And how is this homesteading?

What are they?

These are a set of blue magnetic balls I have used for over 16 years. I have not bought laundry soap since I have owned them. I researched laundry soap and these balls many years ago and what I found out was laundry soap recipes change the molecular structure of water making molecules a different size so they can push through the garment and remove the dirt. They added foaming agents and perfumes for added allure. Most of these detergents are made from petroleum, chemicals and toxins.

The balls are magnetic and therefore change the molecular structure of the water, pushing dirt and odors out. If you have some tough stuff just add a spoon of baking soda and a splash of vinegar. I don’t often add this, the balls do a great job on there own.

And how is this homesteading? I believe that anything that creates less dependency on the system is homesteading. I also believe anything that creates less waste or garbage is also homesteading. And last but not least anything thst makes less of an imprint on our earth is homesteading. I have not bought 1 box or jug of laundry soap in over 16 years. You decide if this falls within my parameters of homesteading.


Cloth bag to put the used ones in for laundry.

What about these items are homesteading?

I went to a friend of a friend’s home when living in Port Alberni and used her bathroom. I was panick stricken when I reached for the toilet paper and there was none in sight, checked under her sink just incase, a big fat no! Then I noticed these cloths and this bag that said put used ones in here. WOW!!! What a wake up call.

Soon after this experience I started my no toilet paper life. I use clothes I am getting rid of, soft and absorbable fabric only. I never bought it again and only ever reuse clothing that I am going to take to the thrift shop.

I was never a big paper towel person so that was easy to live without. Although I started to make my own paper towel from highly absorbable fabric I had, cutting them to size for spills etc.

So you decide if this is homesteading. I haven’t bought toilet paper & paper towels in over 10 years. I know it’s homesteading.


Over 13 years ago I watched a short 10 minute video called ‘Greening the Desert’ by Geof Lawton. He took a piece of arrid desert land by the Dead Sea with no growing soil, only sand and transformed it into a self sufficient Oasis.

10 year Timeline of Greening the Desert

Greening the Desert 2

This was the first time I heard of Permaculture and Bill Mollison. As soon as I watched the video I looked online for courses on Permaculture. I found a course on Denman Island with a fellow who worked with Geoff on this project. I signed up and manifested the $1500 it cost and within a month was over there, set up a tent, and ready to begin my 2 week intensive to get my Permaculture design Certification. It was AMAZING and I have used these skills over the years wherever I have lived within the capacity that I could get a way with.

I have set up Humanure composting systems and used them efficiently and effectively, also grey water systems. Used mulch gardening techniques which works like a charm. Used material that was from the land to garden, live and thrive with. To me this is the epitome of Homesteading Anywhere. I am very excited to find land and live out the rest of my days stewarding it with permaculture practices. My vision is to place this land in a Conservancy or Trust to protect it for its life.


I came from a life of buying new stuff. My parents never brought me up with the concepts of; thrift stores, trading, gifting and reusing. Up until 21 years ago I bought everything new. Until oneday I got introduced to a thrift store, I was hooked. I found Garage sales at other peoples homes, this was incredible. I could get items I needed for 90% discounted prices. Then I found online garage sales and used sites. I found apps that supported people trading and borrowing with one another. This opened up a whole new economy for me. As time passed I ran into a couple who created a monthly sale on a Saturday where you could bring your food plants and trade with others or pay a buck a plant. It was AMAZING. THERE WAS AN ABUNDANCE THAT CAME ALONG WITH THIS ADDED ECONOMY.


I began making my own tinctures out of vodka about 15 years ago. And about 8 years ago I changed to a French brandy. I have been absolutely delighted with this choice. I discovered that vodka was more of a masculine energy and I was seeking feminine for all my tinctures, brandy found me.

I bought or grew, gathered, traded, and wild foraged herbs and making my tinctures from these were a no-brainer. I evolved into making salves and lotions also a simple transition. I want to know exactly what is in anything I put into or onto myself.

And I also thought toothpaste was not for me so I did some research and started making my tooth oil about 10 years ago.

Creating from scratch is an absolute necessity for me. I would like to be growing more of what I use however local market farms, friends with gardens and excess, wild foraging and buying only organic is how I do it for now.

I have saved alot on packaging waste, reusing containers and alot of money which allows me to allocate my energy in more sustainable directions.

My latest Homesteading Anywhere product is Tooth Powder. I am making this for a couple of reasons, first, I have noticed my teeth are showing stains, they have a dullness to them, and lost their white brightness. And second I got this infection in my upper right area above where a tooth was removed because it was cracked. I had dental surgery there 2 years after the tooth was removed because of an infection. Now, after the surgery to remove the infection I feel a tenderness there and just want to give my gums, and teeth the best medicine I can to thrive. It came to me first to use charcoal or turmeric to whiten my teeth then I began doing more research and felt a tooth powder would be good as a Medicine for my teeth and gums. So here it is…

  • 3 Tablespoons White or Green Clay
  • 1 Tablespoon activated charcoal (I used Harmonic Arts)
  • 1 Tablespoons Cinnamon
  • Stevia Powder (I made mine from stevia leaves)
  • 10 – 15 drops of essential oil (peppermint or Thieves would be excellent!)

I am using this powder with the intention that giving my teeth and gums the medicine it needs it will take care and heal any possible infections.


I like to always keep my eye out for abundance in the stores, markets, friends gardens, etc because I either buy it or trade for something else. Then it’s time to preserve for a date in the future. I am always so happy when I took the time to preserve abundance now for later.

Recently I came into quite a bit of ginger. I have made ginger/turmeric and lemon shots which are in my Recipes page and just now I have made a ginger bug.

What is a ginger bug? No it’s not a bug. It is a liquid that turns into a fermentation starter to make homemade sodas. And made from organic, skins on ginger.

Please go to my Recipes page to see how to do this. I will need to feed this for anywhere between 3 to 5 or more days depending on how warm your kitchen is.

I have also put quite a bit into the food processor to freeze it up for later.

And I made a pickled ginger, healthy style.

I also made ginger, turmeric and garlic pureed in a tiny bit of water and poured it into ice cube trays to freeze. Now I have flavour packs for soups, stews, sauces and goulash.

Making Gluten Free Sourdough Starter