Land Community Stewardship Project (LCSP)

On this page I will describe, introduce, call and manifest the Vision I have had for well over 15 years.

Please know this is a starting point. I welcome families on this land with children. These guidelines right now are simply a starting place. The infrastructure can be changed and expanded until the final project is completed. And upon completion and living in this community; laws, infrastructure, guidelines, etc will be cultivated, developed and expanded as we go along. Decisions are made through a majority rules voting system and if a tie the Medicine person will decide the final vote.


VISION: To steward land for its lifetime. To live in community while stewarding this land. TO PROTECT THIS LAND through a Conservancy or Trust to never be sold ever for any reason. To always respect and put the land above any human selfish needs or desires. To return back to the old ways of Homesteading, Herbalism, and natural ways of existing while honoring the laws of nature. Supporting the land to thrive in its highest ecological state while the Stewards of this land live finely attuned to NATURE; HER LAWS, HER BOUNDARIES, HER FREEDOMS, HER BOUNTY, and HER ECOLOGY.

GOAL: This project is to protect the land from any human ownership and to support a rebalancing, rejuvenation, preservation and thriving ecology. To re-establish indigenous plants so that the natural law of nature is preserved.

To create a synergistically balanced relationship between nature and humans. To bring the laws of nature back where NO ONE HUMAN OWNS LAND, it is here for its life to interact within an agreement where both sides, NATURE and HUMANS are thriving. Oneside is not compromised for the otherside to thrive.

Community Vision: It is not natural to live in these community-less subdivisions where each couple and family are only a unit of themselves. It takes a community to raise a child and a tribe to love, support and inspire a Mother and Father or a single adult. We are meant to live together on land, sharing the tasks, supporting one another in daily challenges and in times that we require help. We are also meant to be in tribe to co-create, develop and cultivate life chores and creative projects. Living as a community brings us back together, where we are all powerful and Sovereign once more.

What is the Land Community Stewardship Project (LCSP)?

First, it is a community of human beings who are operating from a Divine mind and body consciousness.

What defines Divine?

Second, there is a common crystal clear vision that each steward person is aligned to and signs their signature in agreement.

What is the crystal clear vision?

A stewardship makes the land its first priority; to restore, rejuvenate, sustain and replenish its flora, fauna and resources. The land always remains the teacher and guide. We, the people are the tools that implement the guidance that this land instructs us to.

There is only structures built that align to nature that will not cause any disruption, disturbance, or harmful waste.

There will be a community store that will house Stewards wares, creations and art. Each Steward can offer their own personal creations for personal revenue. And each will be allocated an equal space for this purpose. There is a monthly fee (refer to LCSP FEES) determined for each Steward using space in the store. This payment is paid to the LCSP fund.

Any infrastructure will abide to the laws of nature, meeting her own needs and boundaries that will only inspire growth, regrowth, regeneration and restoration.

The community consists of 1 to 6 land stewards, whom live in tiny homes on trailers, a total of 6 tiny homes up to 40 feet are permitted at any one time to 6 acres of land. And there is a main building (could be the home that was already on this land), and/or cob structure with a community kitchen, living area, bathroom with composting toilet, grey water, and woodstove/rocket stove for heating and cooking. Power is provided through sustainable means and if hydro is needed only until it is no longer needed. EACH OF THE TINY HOMES will be off grid, this is preferred however hook ups will be offered with a cost to the steward renting or owning the tiny home. They will pay their own usage to the LCSP fund.

There is NO STORAGE OF STUFF outside each of the tiny homes. There will be a storage space offered for each tiny home with a fee.

THERE IS NO JUNK, EXCESS OF PERSONAL STUFF, and/or GARBAGE stored anywhere within the tiny homes or on the land.

Each Steward will have to put in 20 hours per month towards the LCSP whether outside on the land or office administration tasks. Whatever tasks are left at the end of the month will be divided equally between all Stewards.

Car/Truck share are implemented within the community programs for usage. 2 Smart/Electric/diesel Cars and 1 Truck maximum. Personal usage will be charged see LCSP FEES. If you are using the vehicle for LCSP then there is not fee.

There is a food garden with fruit trees, bushes, vines etc. This is a big part of the Community Land Stewardship Project.

There is water catchment systems in appropriate places for food gardens and for drinking with filter and light purifying systems.

All hydro power will be paid for by each Steward that uses it. And all community power from hydro will be paid for out of the community revenue or equally divided and paid by each Steward.

Any revenue that comes from LCSP fund will pay for any and all the expenses that it can cover. And any additional costs above what the revenue of the community brings in are split and paid for equally between the Stewards except for their own personal needs and supply costs (this is each Stewards own responsibility).

All food costs outside of the community food costs are up to each of the individual Stewards. If community meals are a part of any project, costs are covered by revenue from the LCSP fund. Any other personal food is up to each Steward to pay.

If existing tiny homes are owned by the Land Steward Community Project and a new Steward enters into contract they will be required to pay a monthly rent below market value, these prices are determined in another document see LCSP Fees and are paid into the Land Communty Stewardship Project fund.

When a Steward enters into an Agreement with the Community Land Stewardship Project they have to commit to a 5 year term and only if they become seriously injured or ill where recovery is a long and hard process that requires hospital or special care may they get out of the 5 year AGREEMENT. They will also be required to pay a pre-determimed amount for each year they leave early even if seriously injured or ill. This amount is also found in the same LCSP FEES document as above.

There is a Spiritual Law Document that every Steward must read, live by and sign before entering into the Agreement. Please refer to LCSP Spiritual Laws document.

The care of the land is determined by the Medicine Person (Woman or Man) that has been designated as the over seer. She/he has gifts that allow her/him to hear the guidance from the land. Permaculture practices are the main techniques used to up keep and maintain the Community Land Stewardship Project. All projects must be agreed to by 51% of the Stewards living on the land. If there is a discrepancy the Medicine Person will determine the outcome.

There will be an account for the money that is made from the Community Land Stewardship Project. And only costs directly related to this project will be paid out of this account approved by the person designated by the Medicine Person. A full accounting is to be looked over monthly by all Stewards to keep everything clear.

IF all Stewards move off the land:

This land will be protected for its lifetime in a trust or conservancy with all the rules and laws attached to it for usage and stewardship. If there is not anyone willing to take this on and implement these laws of stewardship and living on the land it will remain vacant until such time someone or others are willing to move onto or Steward it from another location from which they live. 1 or up to 6 people are allowed to stay on this land living as long as they fully abide by the laws of the Land Community Stewardship Project.

If the community is going to stop at anytime those left are required by law to leave the land in pristine condition, with everything in the garden taken care of through permaculture practices so nothing is left to be out of control, mulching is done to sustain a certain type of natural order. And approval by the Trust or Land Conservancy will be required before ending the community. The Conservancy will have the guidelines to all of this as will the community stewards. If any stewards leave before their 5 year agreement a fee is payable to the trust. See the Fees for LCSP DOCUMENT.




I have written a letter to to propose the plan for this project to acquire Crown Land. Please see attached letter below.

Letter written on February 17, 2023

Dear Friend:

SUBJECT: Crown land for a Community Land Stewardship Project

I am in process of creating a project that will bring human beings and nature together as one symbiotic relationship where each nourishes and sustains each other without harm or devastation.

To bring to life existing land that is crown land through the Community Land Stewardship Project.  

Objective:  To re-establish indigenous plants, animals, reptiles and birds on an area of land selected on Vancouver Island no farther north than Qualicum River.  This land will be lived on by a small community of land Stewards in tiny homes.  And there is no one Human being who owns this land.  This land is secured in a land trust that can never be SOLD for any reason and will be protected for its lifetime.

Infrastructure is aligned with nature and will be created to live as lightly on the land showing how Human beings can exist within a small community with nature without harm.  

The Laws of Nature will be applied in all decisions and directions.  The number one mission is to restore land back to its original state of symbiotic balance where it is self sustaining in nature with human beings.

Wild plants and indigenous  medicine are restored along with animals, reptiles, insects and birds returning.  Each step and decision is made through the ‘life continues eternally’ model.  All happenings will go through the process that if this will not sustain itself for all generations it will not be put into place.

This project is an eternal lifestyle model that we must adapt NOW and begin these RESTORATION PROJECTS with Human beings living in TRUE SYNERGY AND BALANCE with Nature.  We must all become LAND STEWARDS and return to our original and hereditary roots of existing here.  Knowing our true place of life is to be in service to nature, allowing the Earth to be our guide, leader and teacher.

I am writing to you today to see how I would locate such land and how to put this project into a proposal needed to acquire such land?

Blessings, thank you and I know that in your heart you know this is the way forward to support our beautiful earth in sustaining itself as well as human beings.

In the kindest regard and respect,

Dana Lynn

Land Steward 

in service to earth and humanity.


UPDATE February 22/2024

Good morning Dana,

Thank-you for your email. I have provided some links and information below for you to review in regards to Crown land use in BC.

Under the Land Act we are not able to sell direct to an applicant except in very limited cases (example: the crown parcel is land locked and the applicant owns all the land surrounding it). Otherwise, Crown land is sold via a competitive process and would be listed on this website: 

If the land is not sold during the auction, it would then be listed by realtors through MLS listings such as, and sold at fair market value. Crown land is no less expensive then private land for sale. That being said, you can submit an application for Crown land as they are reviewed on a case by case basis.

  • Crown Land Uses – this webpage lists the different types of Crown land use that you can apply for and the requirements for each.

The first step is to identify the parcel you are interested in via a mapping service (to confirm that it is Crown Land and not otherwise leased/occupied). There is no static map of available crown land as land interests and ownership changes frequently. A couple of suggestions are iMap BC and the NROS – Explore by location map. Please note that southern Vancouver Island is mainly private property.


NROS – Explore by Location:

If you have already identified an area you are interested in or once you have identified a property I advise contacting your regional FrontCounter BC office to discuss your project and whether an application would be accepted and/or successful or if there may be other opportunities to undertake some of the activities you have described below. 

FrontCounter BC Nanaimo

Suite 142, 2080 Labieux Road

Nanaimo, BC

V9T 6J9

Phone: (250) 751-7220

Fax: (250) 751-7224


Kind regards,

Alicia (she/her), Certified Service Professional (CSP)
Natural Resource Specialist

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