Land Stewardship Project

This creation of the Land Stewardship Project has been in the making for many years. It has stayed dormant in its womb developing itself until its birth. It is time with everything letting loose and fundamental rights being challenged and presumed taken. I remembered quite some years ago that there is no land here that is owned by any one person, two or more, a corporation or government. I remember that this land is here to share, to give back and to sustain together. We are here as one nation, on this planet to live in our own unique environment in each part of the world. Our medicine grows here where we are born. We are here to work in a synchronistic partnership with the earth and all its inhabitants.

I have been withdrawing from this world as I know it and cultivating a different world. A world that doesn’t use toxic products, where foods are grown in the earth, wild foraging sustainably, living with a much smaller footprint, composting, humanure systems, using a woodstove for heat and cooking and reusing, trading, gifting and bartering. What makes me qualified to do such a great and enormously important task? Great question and I can answer it simply and clearly. I have come to remember that I am here to steward land, not own it, nor impose my egoic will on it. I have spent the last 7 years dismantling from a system that doesn’t inspire me anymore. I learned how I participated through excessive greed and need. I have dwindled my need to a bare minimum, my greed is gone for profit or money of any kind and I live very simply with a minimal amount of money. I am not moved, inspired or motivated by money. What does inspire me is aligning to nature and watching her while she shows me her patterns. There is a natural order and chaos to nature and one can learn through patient observing. Weather is a vital one to pay attention to as one must see where does water naturally collect, where does the sun hit the property the most, how does natural hills and slants in the land affect the flow of rain? By adopting permaculture, bio-diverse and organic practices we are given the tools to support the land attuning to her rhthym. I was born to be a Steward of the Land and how I know this is that I do not need to own land, I am devoted to staying on the land until I pass and I also know that I will develop a Internship Program that will attract other Stewards of the Land that will also work for this same vision.

I heard the call many years ago to return home, but where was home? As the years passed and I anchored in more aligned sustainable lifestyle practices I also began to realize the essential calling for community on sacred land that was calling to be restored to its indigenous roots. And so began the project of The Land Stewardship Program. The vision is clear and more and more information comes through me daily. This is a living experience of a very small group of devoted Land Stewards, people who understand the meaning of this. There is no ownership title for individuals to the land. We are a community equal to one another understanding that we each are an intricate piece to the whole and without each one the whole isn’t. We sit in quiet on the land, waiting, listening, watching and learning as she guides, teaches and instructs us. We do not presume to know what is right or best, we are here to serve her, enlisted as Gaia’s team. We will not erect, bulldoze, change her, presume and impose our way upon her. We are her instruments, arms and tools to always align to her laws. We live lightly without disrupting her. We learn her ways of patience, bio-diversity, cohesion and balance. Sometimes she lives in chaos to come to order. We must wait through that holding the chaos, loving it, trusting it until she restores. She always has a reason for what she does. And the trick is trusting that order will be restored even though the chaos may push one to try to fix it sooner than what nature knows to do. I know the perfect piece of land is already out there waiting for me to come home, we will find each other I am certain of this.

I am in the process of writing out a purposed plan, mission statement, how the small community will live lightly on the land, sustainable technologies that will be introduced, organizations and groups that will participate and partner in this project, resources that will be used to support the vision, spiritual laws that will be the foundation of the community, etc.

It is my absolute honor and privilege to be a Steward of the Land and attract my partners in this service work.