My hard truth video series

Here you will find short videos on my hard truths that I’ve come into and discovered and want to share with all of you. You will find videos of channelings, information and beliefs which could be difficult to receive. I ask you to take a look at how you feel and know that is about you and is your work to process. My truths are just that, MINE! You have to find your own truths.

I realised that keeping all of this quiet only holds the frequency inside my body. By sharing it publicly I become an observer to this information and/or behaviour and I also become witnessed which in turn becomes medicine.

If you don’t have the stomach for the cold hard truth and at times the neurotic human being then I place a warning here to not go on any further. And for those of you that are ready and willing to see your own neurosis may you have the courage to go deep into your own process and transcend these aspects of yourself as I do and have. You will have your own unique way so my way may not be yours but my hope is that I inspire you to understand yourself from the deepest place possible.

If you require any help in the processing part please do not hesitate to contact me Dana Lynn at The Dharmacy for support.

May we all find freedom and peace through transcending the neurotic human ego, being in witness and speaking our truths!

May 26 2021 Lunar Blood Moon Portal Channel

The Victim