Resources for Sovereignty

I have a page for co19 times that is also titled with Resources for Sovereignty in it.

I have decided to create another page that deals with everything outside of co19 with respect to Sovereignty and here it is. I am unsure how this page will look or be organized it is a project in its birthing stage.

Please stay tuned and keep coming back for updated information as I find it and post it.

We are always open to receive a donation for all the research and time we spend bringing this information to you.


First, what is Sovereignty…?


MY PERSONAL UPPERSTANDING (I use upper rather than under because our language I feel has been hijacked as well. Understand is to stand under someone and Upperstand is to stand above and in my own autonomy of self.) of the word Sovereignty and why I use it…

Sovereignty is the highest level of authority over our own individual autonomy of our consciousness. With Supreme legitimate authority over each one of our own bodies, minds, decisions and lives without harm to another human being or property. I govern my own state (body/vessel) with absolute authority above and beyond any other outside of self; government, agency, corporation, etc. I am designated supreme legitimate authority over my own self, human, vessel.

I feel this word describes exactly what I am and how I move, live, exist and function here on earth as a human being.

Ok now that I have shared my upperstanding of this word, Sovereignty if you feel a connection you will continue to dive deeper, read and research the information I am sharing here. If this doesn’t land for you Thank You for stopping by and I honor and respect your choices and decisions while honoring and respecting my own.

Blessings and great love on this journey with whatever direction you take, I honor your choices even if different from mine.


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