Medicine Woman

Who is this Medicine Woman?

A woman who interweaves this reality of the matrix with the non-physical.  She uses the medicines of this planet to nourish, fuel, rejuvenate, balance and feed the bodies, minds, hearts and souls.  This Medicine Woman feels into the language that the soul and wounded sides are speaking and is able to translate and interpret the codes that are very obvious to her and maybe not so clear to you at this moment.  She assists you in seeing your Soul Passion and Purpose and holds a space for you to remember and live your calling.

The processing work that she does is radical, authentic, transparent and bold!  It is not for the feeble and weak at heart.  You need to be ready for massive changes and shifts in yourself and to begin living these in real time.  She feels into your deepest parts of your psyche and will call you to see the wounded stories, beliefs and thoughts you have been holding onto.  Then she will hold you accountable to create the shifts necessary after you have cleared these limited aspects.

She will assist you in walking home in a loving, honoring, respectful but strong way!  Dana Lynn will not mince words with you, she will come straight to the point and hone into the very core wound that you have come to her to work through.

Please take some time to read some of what others experiences have been.  You will not be disappointed with the results you get from coming to see Dana Lynn.


Dana love medicine woman,

She is a woman of power, grace, acceptance and eternal love for herself and others. Dana Love embodies the feminine divinity through the eyes of healing and infinite knowledge. I have learned so much from Dana Lynn. I have a three year-old daughter and every time we are in her presence I feel at ease with her energy of love and light, just watching her with my daughter, she teaches me acceptance of the ever changing present as well as unconditional love.  She speaks of truth and realness and I can always turn to her for advice emotionally, spiritually, and mentally.


Earlier today, I met with my dear friend at her home and sacred temple – The Dharmacy.  Our acquaintance spans the course of a handful of years but the friendship we share is timeless and always.

As with all good stories, I was starting over. A cat with nine lives, I moved to the Coastal town of Sidney B.C…
to begin again.

Community, connection, co-creation were the buzz words on the scene and after years of living, well, trying to live traditionally, it was time for change.

What you seek, you will find but with the infancy of this idea just taking shape within me, I couldn’t have imagined the way my life would shift and flourish upon meeting such a courageous and strong woman, pioneering her movement to live and love as one.

I found Dana Lynn on a social media website. Poignant and direct – her vision was clear and I wanted to come along.

I don’t know how many of you reading this can say that they have truly been seen. What it means to arrive at a doorstep, welcomed with such pure light and love. Regardless of your puffy eyes, balls of tattered Kleenex in your pocket, never questioning where you’ve been but only, where you hope to go and how we are going to get there – together.

No judgement, only grace cast upon you, when you can barely stand the reflection of yourself. And in this light and love, how the body and cells change. A spiritual osmosis shared from your willingness, embraced by Dana Lynn’s compassion and together you climb.

No stone left unturned. Every menacing thought embraced. Each facet of the personality given it’s voice and the platform to stand upon. Waiting, patiently waiting for the storms to settle and the self to rise.

Nothing is required beyond your truth and the liberation that surfaces becomes forever yours. A newly engrained skin.

This is simply who Dana Lynn is.

Her repertoire is deep and expansive. An intuitive healer, medicine woman, Goddess, Mother, friend. From tinctures to treatments, raw desserts and cuisine – hand tailored juice feasts, customized aromatherapy blends… you will be guided and gifted, uncovering what your soul needs, what your spirit deserves. How to remember your perfection with the understanding that we are never alone.

Dana Lynn is this and so much more. But don’t take my word for it.

Your glory awaits.

Carrie Dymond
Yoga Teacher and friend

“Dana Lynn, aka The Dharmacy is the embodiment of Love. Her life is Love, her body is Love, her food is Love, her words are Love, her home is love… She walks her talk and shows up in authenticity in every breath. She is a mystic, a healer, a medicine woman, a goddess that inspires and deeply moves every being she encounters. Words could never describe the privilege and tremendous gift that her existence has been for me in my journey of remembering. She has and keeps empowering me in ways that I didn’t know possible. She guides me home in the most loving manner. Her intuitive nature and connection to the divinity that she is, always allows me to feel seen and to reconnect with my own power.

Dana Lynn is a truth facilitator. Her self awareness and her own healing journey make her an incredible conduit for what is real. No hiding, no BS. She shines light to the shadow and dissolves illusions. She ignites fire and always helps to integrate personal empowerment. Listen to your calling, if you are reading this, you are ready to embark on the most beautiful journey where Love and Joy prevail. Dana Lynn will mirror you and you will reconnect too with the divinity that you are. Experiencing her is experiencing your true self. 💜


Dana Lynn is a very special woman to me who holds a lot of special skills. She has helped me through a whole host of spiritual, mental, and physical ailments. Even when I have no idea what is going on, or I am just lost, I can call her up and she is able to help me get to the root of the problem and my life is able to move forward.

I lived with her for a month or so during a rough period in my life and we did a full body cleanse and she helped me see what was at the root of my menstrual cramps, which I’d suffered for my entire life and they were so debilitating that they had cost me my job. After following her guidance I was able to cure myself of them and have been pain free for over a year now!

She helps you feel in control of life and brings out a peaceful loving quality towards yourself and all of existence. If you have an open mind and are ready to take responsibility for yourself and your situation, I highly recommend seeing her, for anything, and she will help guide you through it so you can find love, peace and self care again. – Kate

Testament to your service:

Dana Lynn is a gifted medicine woman. She mediates and intuitively guides to help one discover that which is most prevalent in their healing journey.

Dana Lynn has the ability to assist one to hone in on what they need to peel back the layers to get to the root of the situation.

With love, compassion and authenticity, Dana Lynn can help you reach a place in yourself where you can trust, love, know your true self and THRIVE!


Dana-Lynn is an Earth Angel embodying the Divine Mother frequency, by far one of the most compassionate caring beings I have ever encountered.
My relationship with Dana-Lynn is the reason I’m still on this planet! She literally held me through one of the most intense spiritual and physical awakenings of my life and held me with such tenderness and care. Thanks to her I am living a more deeply integrated life.
Dana-Lynn authentically embodies her offering as a Medicine Woman. From the physical, emotional, mental and spiritual, she will have you covered! From how to juice fast to how to work through relations in your life. Dana-Lynn calls forth the prayer that is YOU. She can gracefully navigate consciousness in such a way that reveals self-responsibility and ownership within one’s process. If you are ready to get real with yourself, do the work and commit to your life, I highly recommend working with her.


Dana Lynn is a profound gift to this earth. She has been an inspiration since the moment I met her. She has taught me the interconnectedness of the world and how to care for mother Gaia. Dana sets an example to live authentically despite all outside pressures, this has helped me tremendously. She is a gifted medicine woman who has helped nourish and teach me the true meaning of self care. Dana is a messenger of wisdom and love. Having her in my life has inspired me to live life my way and rethink conventional ways of living. I cannot thank Dana Lynn enough and will continue seeking her wisdom as long as I can!


Dana Lynn has inspired me to keep an open mind and an open heart. To find my own path in life while respecting others who choose a different path. I admire her commitment to caring for our planet and one’s self through holistic self-care and sustainable living. Along my journey to becoming healthier I’ve enjoyed sharing ideas with Dana Lynn. It’s refreshing to have a conversation with someone who isn’t easily offended if you share a different view. Dana Lynn is able to embrace people’s uniqueness by having an open mind and open heart.


What a woman.

This was the sentiment that surfaced in my mind when imagining Dana Lynn. Yes, she is my friend and although in passing it sounds like a sweet thing to say, or a quaint gesture that tries to depict the nature of our relationship, yet very few things that I try to say, accurately articulate what I actually mean.

Similar to when you might try to explain what love is. And just as I write this, I realize in this moment that the very nature of this woman is exactly this, love. And so knowing that trying to describe what both love and Dana Lynn are, can be seemingly impossible, one of the ways to better understand is by asking, what would love do?

Love would wake in the middle of the night and she would sit with you. Love would invite you to come exactly as you are and expects nothing in return. She would listen when you didn’t think anyone possibly could and she would hold you as you empty and hold you once you’re done. And even as your wellspring surfaces, even more of your emotion, every part of you is welcomed to sit around the fire, the glowing embers of her love, illuminating your face. A safe warm embrace, where you are fully seen.

If love saw you caught inside a riptide, deep within the belly of the ocean, she would gently swim out towards you, and remind you that you are more than enough for your courageous swim home. And with each valiant stroke that you made, she would remind you to breathe, to relax and remember that everything you’ve ever needed, already lives within you. And because lessons like these ones are sometimes difficult to anchor, love would whisper, ‘rest my dearest one, you are all that you’ve been waiting for. And yes, even so much more!’

When reading my description the ideas of Mother rise to the surface. And for those of us, who might not have been graced with one of our own, Dana Lynn doesn’t replace this prominent figure, she helps us learn and remember that we have the privilege to love and mother our selves.

She is sunshine, she is golden, she feels like your favourite sweater. Her smile is everything, and shows you the everything that you are. Her eyes are endless. There’s no flinch, she won’t drop you, or sneak off to some other thought when she might think that you’re not looking. And she would turn pink if even presented the idea of this, because the only place she wants to be, is with you. All of you and she wouldn’t dare miss a beat. Because yes, every single precious part of us, is love. And again, she will stay and stay and stay. Until we remember this too.

I love this woman. What a woman. With her and through her, I’ve learned what love is. What I am, and what you are and again, she will stay exactly long enough, for you to remember your love too.


Testimony for the therapy sessions:

“Having gone to therapy for several years and explored different approaches, I can say that Dana Lynn is gifted when it comes to holding space for others and facilitating deep transformations. The best way I can describe it is that she has a direct connection to Truth. To what’s underneath, to what’s really happening beyond the story we make. I’ve experienced her work first hand several times and grew tremendously from it.

What I particularly enjoy and the reason why I believe her work actually works, is that she genuinely loves and accepts what’s there, what’s showing up. She holds it all. With love. That on its own is healing. And then add her direct channel to a bigger truth, deep shifts happen.

I highly support and encourage people to invest in themselves and reach out to work with Dana Lynn from The Dharmacy. She even works around financial limitations. The support is there. You are beyond worth it.


Dana Lynn has helped me on numerous occasions. I’ll speak about my most recent experience. She held a safe space and guidance for me and a friend as we worked through some issues we were having with each other and through some painful beliefs and feelings about ourselves. It helped us in every way, and I feel a lot better even attempting conversations like that with her there for support. Even though she is much closer in her day to day life with my friend than with me, I trusted her completely to never take sides or let that affect her council and ability to hold a safe space for me as well. We are working through our issues quickly with her help and healing things within ourselves we might not have seen otherwise. I highly recommend getting her support for whatever you may be going through!