Making a Hot Drink… Latte Style

Making a hot drink “The Dharmacy” way isn’t about going to the grocery store buying some vegan milk and putting that in the fridge and then using a pre-packaged blend and pouring that into it… NO its about alchemy, magic, creation, nourishment, infusion and DELICIOUS!!!

makingmylksoakStep 1 place your favourite nuts/seeds in a bowl and pour some good quality water to cover them completely with about 1/2″ of water above them.  If you have an altar or sacred geometry mat place the bowl on that.  Place crystals beside them or if you know they can be soaked with them then place the crystal in the water with the nuts/seeds.  Soak at least over night, you can soak for longer and move them into a fermenting process as well.


makingmylksoak3This water is being infused with the high energy of indigo, connecting to your divine presence or higher self.

Step 2 Once the nuts/seeds have been soaked overnight place in the blender add 32 ounces of good quality or blessed water blend only for moments then use a mylk bag strainer to keep the pulp out if you so choose to not have the pulp in your mylk.

milkjug (this is full when I am done) Step 3 With this same pulp you just strained put 32 more ounces in the blender and blend again and strain.  With a very small amount of nuts/seeds you can make 64 ounces of mylk.  This usually lasts me 3-4 days making 2 drinks a day.

Once the mylk is made you are ready to create.

There is another step in The Dharmacy hot drink making sometimes, we add an infusion to the mylk and do 50/50 mylk and infusion for our Latte style drinks.  THESE ARE NEXT LEVEL… Nourishing and so DELICIOUS!

teablendlavenderessentialoilStep 4 If you are doing an infusion you can make this the evening before and have it out and ready in the morning to add to your pot of warming mylk.  Pick your herbs that you feel drawn to use, put your kettle onto boil and pour hot water over the herbs in a bodem is what we use.  You can also add Therapeutic Grade Essential Oils that are ingestible.  Let this sit over night.

warmingmylkStep 5 After you have made the mylk pour enough of the mylk and infusion into the pot and warm up to the right temperature for you.

mylkblendtecStep 6 Add to the blender and now add your ingredients.

matchablendmylkblendtecdrinkblendThis morning I made my Amazing Matcha drink, a tsp of Organic Matcha, as much turmeric as you like, I use an organic powdered turmeric, a tsp of maca and add your own sweetener to flavour as desired, The Dharmacy uses organic coconut sugar.  We always add a Tbsp of organic coconut oil this makes it thick and creamy and frothy!!!

hotdrinks2Step 7 pour into your favourite mug, and make sure its a mug you love that is also part of the magic and experience.

DRINK AND ENJOY!!!  This is truly medicine… and nourishment!

Don’t forget our Holistic Health Coaching Services that can coach you to stock up your pantry with truly nourishing and healing ingredients to have at your fingertips.  Also support you on how to make your own homemade mylks and infusions and so much more.   GO TO OUR Services Page .

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