Thriving to Live poster

Below is the 2nd part of the Donations program for Thriving to Live.  This is the poster that was and continues to be sent out and used for raising money for my health regime and holistic treatments for the year of 2021.

Help Dana Lynn Raise $40,000 for her 2021 Journey with Stage 4 Breast Cancer.

How’s this for a New Year’s Resolution!  

“My body is thriving and transcending cancer!”

I am 54 years young with a 29 year old daughter and a 2 year old grandson — this is my world!!!

Current Picture of Dana Lynn Feb 2/21

Picture taken November/20

For the past 20 years, I’ve lived a healthy life, healing from past trauma and a full recovery from addictions.

I love life fully and before my diagnosis, I had recently returned to the land to live simply, growing my own food and composting everything, yes, everything!

I have an incredible tribe and family. I am so deeply blessed and want to live longer to continue cultivating this immense love in all of my relations and to move onward and forward with my Medicine Woman Work. 

I have sat with this diagnosis since September 12, 2020. 

My process is deep and vast, exploring the stories of death, dying, suffering, failing in life, being sick and every other area that has risen with the delivery of this message. 

I was given 3 months to live. Yet, here I am… 5 months later on the rise and yes, stronger!!!  

(Dec. 2/2020)


I have chosen a holistic approach with a very strict diet and regime of supplements/herbs/homeopathics and treatments of Ozone, IV of Vitamin C, Mugwort, Mistletoe, UBI and other cutting edge treatments specific to breast cancer.  

(IV of Vit c, mugwort and mistletoe Nov. 24/20)

All of this costs approximately $3000/month.  

I have always had a very healthy diet, however, I have fine tuned this even more. 

I have a strong spiritual practice which I continue daily.  

My care has become more than a full time job; it’s my mission to live and thrive within this diagnosis. 

Along this journey I will be blogging at:

Here, I will share a more intimate journey sharing my deepest processing, feelings, emotions and limting beliefs that I feel have created this gift in my breast.  

My goal is to live with awareness. To be present and conscious to every moment and with each person that I have the honour and gift to share life with.

If my journey through this year clears the cancer from my body then together! we will have written a new chapter in the story of Life! Brand new pages to colour the world in, tucked within a storybook that I was told would quickly end. WOW! what an incredibly epic gift to share!  

And if this is my call to death and to bravely pass over, I will have lived my way, giving my body all the tools to thrive and share more of this precious life with my daughter, grandson and tribe. And now, all of you! 

I have no pain only discomfort from a catheter that lives inside to the pleural cavity around the lung to the outside back of my body that has drained the fluid that once had been collecting in my lungs. 

AS OF TODAY Feb.2/21 I have had the catheter removed as my lung healed up and fluid is no longer leaking into this lung!!!

(♡4 litres of fluid drained out of my left lung Sept. 13/20♡)

I believe that it is from my healthy lifestyle that even the doctors say, I am a robust, healthy and a vibrant woman.  

(Dec. 1/2020)

I am asking for donations because I need monetary support to live my life in this way. To give myself the best healing options aligned to my way of living!  And through this journey we will all learn, grow, evolve and become better human beings.  This journey, my journey with stage 4 breast cancer has already made me a better human being and as we walk along together I know it will move, inspire, touch and pierce your heart making you a better human being.  I know you will receive multiple gifts through donating, sharing and walking with me!

Whatever you give helps me to be here now, live, believe, become and thrive!  WE are ALREADY part of the miracle, embracing the dance of life to continue inspiring each one of us to LIVE a greater LIFE here and now!

Follow me in my journey as I share my diet, holistic treatments, spiritual practices, processes through emotions and past wounds, finding joy and laughter and living life fully!

I am offering my medicine woman services of compassionate inquiry — 30 minute sessions for donations of $50 – $100 and more if you choose to.. 

I will also offer tinctures and essential oil body and room sprays for donations of $25 or more. 

And am offering my handmade one of a kind crocheted toques, beanies, hoodies, headbands, fingerless gloves, etc for donations of $35, $50 or more.

And if you simply want to donate without any trade this is also welcomed. Share your curiosity, joy and love with me!

There is also a GoFundMe started that you can share and donate to.

You can also e etransfer if this fits you better to and email me to tell me if you want any of my offerings for your donation.  I am also happy to answer any questions you might have. 

And please, don’t just follow me on this journey, rather, take my hand and allow me to take yours as we travel this journey together and learn more than we could have ever known to begin with!  I know this will be a journey of discovery, ups and downs, inspiration, co-creation and most importantly love!!!

Blessings and the deepest of respect and love for you,

Dana Lynn      email:





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