Exploring what Success is

Success in my younger days would have looked like this…

  • a fancy expensive home with an ocean view.
  • an expensive car, a BMW, Corvette, Mercedes, probably in a convertible.
  • a lot of clothing and shoes.
  • endless amounts of money to buy whatever I wanted.

That WAS my list for success. These were all things/stuff I needed to feel happy and ok in life. I realized that without this stuff then I wasn’t happy. It was about what I could get, buy, possess and own. When I couldn’t get these things, which I usually had to compromise myself for, I wasn’t ok. My success was determined through what others thought of me, if I had lots of stuff, dressed well, drove the fancy car and went away on exotic travels then I was worthy, loveable and wanted. I was very unhappy, frustrated, sad, depressed and exhausted. I sought a deeper place within to embody success without these things. I had to change my entire life and everything that I was taught.

Now it’s more about how I feel, whether I am happy, joyful, creative, and Thriving in my life. It is not about what I can buy, possess or get and exploit. Now it’s about waking up embodying an empowered and grateful state of mind. Then it’s about checking in to see what is present. If I find myself in a bad mood I quickly begin my spiritual practice. It is about checking my nervous system. Where am I? And attending to it.

Success these days could be resting, watching a show, reading a book, gardening, sitting still, listening to an audio talk or my feet on the earth. If I am tired its time to rest. If I feel awful then it’s time to check in and start all over again. How I feel at the beginning and end of the day is my guage. A sense of peace and oneness within and without is my inspiration. SUCCESS is FEELING GOOD, BALANCED AND IN HARMONY!

Being happy, charged and inspired is a good sign that I am on the right path. Success is more about being aligned to what I am feeling and inspired to do or not do and following that guidance. It is an embodiment of a good person; honest, integral, loving, adaptable and kind. If I can manage this and stay in touch with my nervous system and what it needs I AM SUCCESSFUL!!!!

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