Inner Beauty, I see me… do you?

I am not the beautiful woman that you think you have come to know so well.

I am so much more!

Do not look at me with just your eyes anymore.

Look profoundly deeper.

Be creative and use other senses that you are not familiar with.

The unknown it yearns to touch, to be used, to be exercised.

The undiscovered that feels into me, sees my inner beauty, connects to my massive inner world!

Permeates me with deep wisdom and sensitivity,

Touch me without your hands!

Sink into my chamber of magic, of enigma, of the unknown,

Experience my complexity and my unfathomable mysticism

The alchemizing chaos all of it drawing you deeper into me.

Play with me in the darkness of our co-created mysterious abyss.

Where we don’t know anything except what is present,

It is the place where you are afraid and I am too,

But we step one more step even though we feel fear,

We find in the step that there was nothing to fear except our own imagined trepidation.

Do not place me in the category of a beautiful woman if all you see is my outer image.

Do not insult me in that way, as I do not insult myself in that way anymore.

I realize something about me in a way now that I have not been taught by my society.

And I want to thank you for inspiring this inner knowing about myself that I recognize now.

I am a force of nature, ever changing, ever flowing, ever raging like a river after a down pour of rain…

Do not compare me to other women,

That is a shallow mind operating from a place that doesn’t expand into the depth of mystery and the profound.

Do not be limited in that way. I am not!

I am beautiful but not in the way that this world appreciates beauty.

I am the kind of beauty that cannot be compared to another, because we are all unique, complete and special.

If you are unable to see me for what I am then you do not see yourself for what you are.

And if you do not see yourself for what you are and what I see then you will never see me.

And that is a loss you will carry with you.

I have found what I thought I would never find.

And that is my strength, my courage, my creativity, my loving presence and my inner beautiful world.

A beauty that cannot be used to be torn between another.

Because it is unique of itself.

And I have found that within myself and you may not have found that and for that I am sorry!

But I have experienced myself in the deepest way, I see myself now as I never did before.

Can you see me in this way?

Do you see yourself in this way?

I dare you to step here with me!

And if you are unable at this time I love you anyway.

And I love myself!

And in this love I must pick the one who honours and appreciates my inner beauty first.

For this is true love.

And I pick true love.  Do you?


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