3 Step Process

I had a beautiful connection with an incredible soul full being… my sister … an exceptional goddess and true friend this morning. I have been working an organic process with my own journey and in that have been also supporting others in theirs and been getting EXCEPTIONAL RESULTS!!! As I shared the first 3 steps of this process with my friend she asked if I might take the time if it felt in alignment with me to write it down and share it on my Dharmacy Page. I was inspired, deeply moved and touched with her ask and just plain excited to share this gift with others! Thank you Chalaundria for your beautiful support, kind words, and loving heart always!!!

3 Steps to establish Self-Empowerment…

Step 1
If you are having an experience relating to another human being or just plain out in the world and become triggered or in touch with your wounding, come up against a limiting belief or whatever your language is for falling out of love in a moment; the first thing is to get yourself into a safe place. Whether you leave the location of the present experience to find a safer space, stop the dialogue with this person, letting them know that this is not serving you or them and you require some time to sit with how you are feeling. Let them know you will notify them when you feel you can speak from a place of feeling safe and secure. Or maybe you simply just need to find a park bench or get to the beach and sit on the sand or a log. Whatever the situation, you need to place yourself in a more suitable location that creates safety and peace for you. Staying in an unhealthy situation where there is yelling, screaming, abuse and negative energy isn’t nourishing for either persons. Moving away physically from the situation doesn’t mean that you won’t revisit it and settle this with them, it just supports healthy boundaries and negative actions from taking place that are often even harder to sort through.

Step 2
Once you have found the peace and safety immediately step into gratitude. For example, say out loud or to yourself:

“I am grateful for this opportunity so that I may know yet another place that I can love myself more deeply.”

“I am so thankful to you, “the person’s name or the experience” for giving me this opportunity to see another place in which I can learn how to love myself more deeply.”

“I bless this moment that I have here in this life to find a deeper sense of love for myself and another.”

Step 3
Once you have found your peace and safety, given gratitude until you feel a shift happen in yourself, whether it’s that you feel safer, happier, more calm or peaceful. You will know the shift when it happens for you. Then you step into saying positive affirmations that create the positive experience you would have. For example if you are feeling like you are being left out or left behind, the positive thought could look like this:

“I am always included in everything that I want to be included in.”

“I am easily and effortlessly involved with others in a safe and nourishing way.”

“My life is rich with beautiful and wonderful people who love me unconditionally.”

As you begin this practice your ego will be on alert and it will not want you to succeed in this process. When you do become successful in this the ego has no space to create negative experiences in your life and therefore won’t be around much. Be aware that your ego is clever and will try to convince you that this is too much work, it’s too difficult to do this all the time and/or that this stuff doesn’t work anyway and my life is going to always be a challenge. Make sure you are mindful that your ego will try to sabotage this experience so whenever you become present to negative thought patterns resume this 3 step process as quickly as you can. It truly works and has created miracles and continues to in my life and others.

Please post comments and tell me of your experiences while using this 3 step process here in this blog page. I would love to hear your positive successes here. Namaste

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