Tour of my Homestead

Why am I living in a 28ft 5th wheel trailer on a farm?

This is a question I have been unravelling and uncovering for the past 240 moon cycles. Why am I so called to create a humanure system, create a composting system, grow as much as I can, use as little limited resources, live tiny with 95% less stuff, reuse, fix, barter & exchange, trade, share and gift?

These questions have pulled at me for years now, randomly living a little of each of these in different times. However the call became to overwhelmingly potent that I had to move into action because my health was deteriorating as I stayed in my comfy, spacious and beautiful apartment. It was an opposing choice with all my creature comforts fully taken care of, no maintenance or responsibility on my part for the upkeep of my amazing and very financially reasonable apartment. Why would I leave such a great set up to live in a rv trailer, my security removed as living in a trailer isnt legal in the 3d? All of a sudden I am the maintenance and repair person with everything. I have no clue how it runs or what to do to fix it. Now responsible for getting my own water, grey water and humanure waste managed. Heating my very thin walled home in winter. Keeping my pipes from not freezing in the winter! And now keeping rodents from moving into my home and chewing wires etc!!! To repairing a leaky roof and keeping mould and moisture from forming! All of these responsibilities now mine and mine alone! So why did I choose to burden myself with this kind of responsibility when I could have stayed in my $650/month beautiful apartment, downtown Sidney, across from the ocean and accessible to everything by bike or walking?

My motivation and inspiration is fueled by 2 humans in particular!!! And also by my tribe, family and wanting a better free world for all!!!

I believe after my Grandson was born it provoked a very primal force deep within me to “be the change I want to see in the world.” With only a few revolutionary lifestyle changes lived, my studies of Sovereignty and Common Law, my short lived experiment of humanure management & composting, cycling and walking where I needed to go, no car for 8 years, no use of toilet paper for 8 years and continuing, very minimal store bought products almost nothing, to doing my permaculture design certificate program which changed my life, to living tiny and wild foraging. This has all brought me back to a more simple way of living, aligned to something outside of this 3d matrix lifestyle of working 8 to 5 everyday, with weekends off to this profound attunement to this earth, the soils, waters, plants, insects, animals, air and the ecological rhythm and dance that occurs above and beyond our daily grind of ” working for a living.”

I have known for many years now that this way of life is fundamentally wrong, out of sync, out of my natural rhythm, killing and enslaving me! To work to survive all the while paying for what I had accepted as privledges, debts to our society, insurances that I was fooled to believe were for my own good, loans and mortgages with interests that broke me, never getting ahead and only, cancel that, existing, NOT EVEN EXISTING!!! Falling behind and accepting this as the way it is! That if I could work more and make more that that would correct it, make it right. And oneday to retire after my 50 years or more of slavery after giving up all my best life force to keep a slaved society running. Then to live with a pension that is government controlled doesnt even keep up with the standard of living. This system may have worked and been aligned to some of you and that is fantastic I applaud you. And this system doesn’t and didn’t ever work for me. It never felt right to work to live and support myself and in that giving my best of myself, my life force energy to a job that felt horrible, that made me sick, tired, useless, unappreciated and so deeply saddened and fed up.

My work is to support others in identifying their wounds that have enslaved them, made them less and dis-empowered. I have an uncanny knack to go directly into a persons trauma story that left them not whole and incapable of standing in who they really are. I help others to discover and unravel their life to support immense change. There is no job title in the 3d world for this. No education or training just my innate gift given to me to come into the world with and help others. I have pursued this relentlessly and support all those along the way creating a beautiful small tribe of other seekers of another way.

I came to a place in my journey where the money and lack of it determined my next step of my life. Please dont mistake the term I use above, “lack of it” as a negative or scarcity energy. My journey in this life is to re-establish a neutral and equal society where how much money you have or dont have DOES NOT DETERMINE whether you have good wholesome food, water, shelter, clothing, heat, and resources to allow an equal lifestyle among us. I had to go in this direction to live from a place with very little income/money, to establish a way of life that is aligned to this earth without robbing her, using her up and destroying her in that process. This is my calling, not an easy one I can assure you of that, however to be a slave I cannot anymore participate as that. So here I am living as many are not, daring to live with less, staying connected to the earth with all her changes, living so close to her states of weather, living as off of the grid as I can manage, bit by bit adjusting that alignment more and more in the hope’s oneday I will be completely free, off grid, living from my passion and purpose daily and supported with my tiny home that is mine for my lifetime to pass along to my daughter and grandson to come, touch and taste what I was working towards to accomplish as my legacy of freedom for them, my tribe and the world!

Also living on an acreage where there is no individual land ownership but a Sovereign Land Stewardship. This is where we, the Community steward the land together as equals. Allowing great Gaia to guide us through meditation, active listening and dream time as to the right and non action deeply connected to Indigeneous Land Management maintenance that truly aligns to the next 7 generations and on.

This is how I am being called to make these significant CHANGES that are ESSENTIAL to the LIFE OF THIS PLANET and for these humans who live upon her!

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