Today I write this because my heart is so heavy these days with everything happening and I feel my voice needs to speak!

I have been feeling so much shame! Shame from being Canadian and living in a Country that was stolen from the originals and given its name Canada. And so, what is our true name of this beautiful land that I am living on and stewarding? I have seen versions of names Kanada or Kanata. But I don’t really know and I haven’t celebrated Canada day really ever, hmmm I wonder why!!!

And all the while living in a country that I was brainwashed to believe that we were different from other countries. That we actually cared about our eco-systems and our people. Raised with the idea that tree planting was a good way of creating a balanced eco-system between logging and the balance of nature. All utter BULLSHIT!!! I didn’t know that logging Corporations owned most of our land with land leases of our pristine rainforests. And that tree planting was just for the next growth of timber to be logged! The corporations were simply farming trees!!! I feel so stupid and deceived, brainwashed and utterly saddened. I saw a graph the other day of our island and the rainforests that were here and what is left here now, 1%, my heart sunk and I felt so deceived and fooled and robbed!! All this time I kept busy trying to survive by working in shitty jobs just to survive. Making the rich richer and being so utterly distracted by my own sense of horror and survival I F#$%&£€ missed my Rainforests being stripped and logged, shipped out for processing to other countries! WTF????

And what of our beautiful Indigenous brothers and sisters’ genocide??? This didn’t happen in another Country, this happened in my back yard!!! People being ripped from their homes and forced into religious camps loaded with pedophiles and bad people who brought horrific harm and death to thousands! I don’t really know how to fix and heal this and I feel speaking out as a person who was born and raised here on Vancouver Island where some of these atrocities took place is a first step to healing.

I have had my own atrocities happen to me, I too was taken from my original home, placed into a family not of my origin, brought up so far away from who I was and am. Sexual trauma was a part of my life in a very big way. Horrific violence also a part of my life. Riddled with panic and anxiety all my life from the atrocities imposed on me by sick people. And now I am diagnosed with breast cancer!!! Hmmm think that my environment had anything to do with that and the sick people who imposed their way upon me may have a direct correlation?

I am an Empath, a Medicine Woman, an Alchemist and modern-day Witch!!! I know of the horrors of a sick culture with imposed lies and being brought up in a society that was deceitful. I am fully awake now and know what has happened. By feeling these atrocities, grieving them, holding sacred prayer in love I do my work daily to shift this horror story. I lived a life in the dark, my best friend in school was Indigenous and I lived closely to the reserves. I never knew any of this at that time, never understood why these beautiful souls lived on reserves and in the manner they did.

It was a hard wakeup call when I realized all of what I was taught in school and life was a BIG FAT LIE!!!

I KNOW NOW I WAS BORN A SLAVE, RAISED A SLAVE, the education of 12 years is the farm school to indoctrinate me into a sheeple!

I have awakened and I know!! The Secret is no longer, THANK GOD! IT IS ALL UNRAVELING for us all to see the truth! They had an upper hand because we were all still living through the lie, genocide and deceit. I am on the other side now of knowing. Now I can begin the shift, the transformation, the healing and the rise of LOVE!

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