In Celebration


It is almost 1 year since I received a diagnosis of Stage 4 breast cancer with 3 months left to live! A lot has transpired since then and my life has been attuned to my true path and purpose. I went through what I thought the hardest time of my life, the left lung completely filled with fluid, collapsed and unable to walk more than a few feet without absolute exhaustion. My heart arrhythmia flared up; my heart rate went up to 186 beats per minute for 20 hours before I went into emergency. I spent 4 days of hell in the hospital where I felt as though I almost died in there. Released, broken, devastated, traumatized and unable to really care for myself, I moved into my ex’s cabin, BLESS HIM a million times for this gift. I had to get home support care workers and nurses to come in pretty much every day for a while. I had a procedure done to have a catheter put in to drain my lung twice a week so that my heart would not go into arrhythmia which would kill me eventually. I stepped into a holistic protocol of IV treatments (see earlier blogs on this), supplements, spiritual processing and procedures as well as acupressure, vibrafit board work, juicing, green smoothies, and more. I began to get stronger and it looked as though I might live longer. And back in January it was time for me to die or move into a new home. I really did not have energy to look for a new home after being ripped out of my life on the farm, a life I could afford and now put back into the matrix where rent was beyond what I had coming in.

I was terrified that I could not afford to live here on this earth. I fell into an immense depression of helpless hopelessness unable to know how I would continue to live here and thinking my only option was to die because how else could I afford to pay rent and look after myself? Unable to work and too weak to get a job, what was left for me? Hope, God was left for me! I believed in something other than what my reality was presenting me. I held onto the hope that I would be taken care of somehow some way and I really had no idea what way that was. I received a clear message that I would be eligible for some money that would help support the high rent that I would have to pay. I trusted in this and it happened. I was able to find a beautiful 2-bedroom space for a very good price in this market.

With no extra energy to make a move, I somehow did it of course with the help of my very dear daughter and friends. I managed to set up my home in a state of absolute exhaustion, really beyond exhaustion. I somehow keep myself going living on $1425/month and the gift of the GoFundMe which is now very low. My rent is $1200/month, phone is $117/month, insurance $80/month and then I have been going and getting $330 IV treatments and my health supplement protocol is about $200/month. I haven’t included food and fuel expenses. I share this here to keep everything above board and honest.

I have worked very hard over the last 11 months to get where I am with everything that I have had to face and heal. My days are filled with my holistic practice, protocols, rest, food/drink preparation, home chores, stretching and processing work I do with others. I have no extra energy to work at a job out of the home, cannot make any commitments to do anything other than what I can do for myself each day to stay focused on my health.


I went to see my Oncologist on July 27 and my dear friend drove me from Sidney to North Vancouver where his office is. My friend whom I will call C who drove me there asked me a few weeks prior to my appointment if it would be alright to talk with my Oncologist privately about my health. I had not said yes to this until moments before we walked into the office as I really needed to confirm with C that whatever the Oncologist told her if it was bad that she would not put that on me. I also asked that she would not put any perceived bad news into my reality and be clear and clean with me with what I needed to do with my health, she guaranteed me that she could honor my request 100%. I agreed and after my appointment with my Oncologist I told him that he could give C any information that she asked for with respect to my health. I had no perceived idea of what he would tell her and what she would share with me on our way home. I was moved so deeply by what C shared with me that the Oncologist said to her. I recorded all of what she told me on the way home so that I could share this AMAZING NEWS with you all. Here is it word for word, first she shared that she felt that she had been confirmed of my genius that I am operating through and she was amazed at what this Oncologist of over 50 years in practice stated to her, “that never in his practice has he witnessed a patient contain cancer like I have done.” She continued to tell me about 15 minutes later that I reminded him of a woman from the old country, an Oma, grandchildren hanging off of me and one of the children asks, “Oma what is that lump?” and I reply, “Oh its nothing!” and I continue to live life, thriving and living without stopping and succumbing to disease in any negative way. C said that while he was sharing this story tears welled up in his eyes, her comment was that he really admired and honored me as a strong individual not willing to lay down and die in a defeated way. C continued to share more of what he said to her, “there is nothing biological in Science to explain the containment of the cancer and that he is blown away by me.” He continued to share that “he has seen no change in almost a year of seeing me and there is nothing in the medical world to explain or that makes sense to him as to why this is.” After this news I was so deeply moved that there were a lot of tears, a humility beyond what I have ever experienced, and a deep Celebration within!

I wanted to write this blog to give an update as to what is happening with me and to re-launch GoFundMe to continue to support the added expenses that I know are helping me to thrive in this journey I am on.

Here is the link for the GoFundMe and if you want to donate directly to me then please send any funds to I am in deep appreciation of all and any support that has come my way and continues to come. I will be posting more blogs on what my protocols are, new medicine I am taking and the potential of a new medicine that will require a larger funding agency for a protocol through the BC Cancer Agency. I feel like Cancer is a messenger, a gift, and a catalyst to live my best life ever! I give great gratitude for this path I have been on for the last almost year. It has awakened much in me and those around me and without it these changes and awareness would not come. Sometimes life brings what we think is tragedy but it is our greatest gift!

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