The ‘Gift’

WOW!!!  HERE I AM 19 MONTHS after being told by over 10 doctors I would die within 3 months.  What a journey I have been on; A Power Learning Process of stripping, forcing, bawling my eyes out, screaming, wanting to give up and get the hell gone from here, going deeper, surrendering and resisting, praying for guidance and answers, yelling at God and yes profanities were spoken and yes God’s name in vain!  I have emersed myself in it all.

Emptiness and utter nothingness barged in and squatted unwelcome for months! Day after day, nothing, stillness and frustration. Deep desires for anything but this, creativity banished, looking at my art and resonating with nothing. God help me I thought and screamed. Torture every day, being dragged under like a rogue wave forcing me out to sea. This is not my habitat, there is only to drown here and I did. Sinking deeper into the abyss. So dark, agonizing, nothing familiar, everything slipping farther away from my perceived wants and needs. What, where, why and who am I? A world of, ‘wtf?’ where am I, why am I, and who the hell is this vessel, this human being (I think) existing for? Am I of value? Is my life worth anything and if anything, what is this anything? Body sore and stiff, intense emotions and feelings like a roller coaster. Rushes of anxiety, flooding and emptying. Moments of utter joy and bliss. And a deep knowing what and where death would take me to, immense relief and immeasurable excitiment for my passing. Was it time? Always a “no.” Sounds pretty bleak, hear me when I say, “I have learned to live in what is and fully embody it!” Believe it or not alot of acceptance, thriving and being here in such clarity and presence! And then I put my favourite channel on, Lee Carroll, Kryon… and here is what comes day after day everytime I awake and listen…

‘Who do I think I am? I am an Age-less individual existing on this planet magnificently. And my body hears every word I am saying. My cellular structure is clueless to how old I am. So no birthday party for me cause I am not counting. I have a genealogy that doesn’t really work for me, here is what has happened in my family, STOP! I have just told my body that any predisposition it might have with genealogy that is inherited is going to manifest, period. And here it comes. Do you know what has been proven, my genealogy is not in charge! It will come with inheritance, it will come with what you may call predispositions. Now predispositions may be there and they may manifest but that’s only if nothing happens around them. The cells of my body are designed to listen to the boss! What I believe is being acted upon. I show up at my life and then I give an order and start aging poorly. Perhaps aging has been passed down that it is a bad thing. So I continue to look into the mirror to see if it’s a bad thing! My body knows what it’s looking for and cooperates.’

What I am told from many sources confirms the power of ME instructing my body in its journey. My Mantra right now and has been for several months…

‘I am 100% FREE & CLEAR of Cancer, all disease and illness in my body and mind.’

I say this outloud so it goes through my ears and through my brain which my INNATE TECHNOLOGY is waiting for instructions. It grabs these words and goes to work within my cellular codes. Clearing anything that stands in the way of this command.

I have done alot of holistic treatments, been on many supplemental protocols, used all of my tools I have at home, began going to Planet Fitness (pf) to use their massage chair and hydromassage. Now am signed up to do a personalized routine consult for the gym, started going out into nature, and began moving my body finally having some strength to do so.

I am not here to claim that I am curing or beating cancer. Only to share my journey with this ‘gift’ in my breast.

Immediately I knew over 4 years ago, I would not be using the normal treatment protocols of Western Medicine. Just to be clear I have not had any surgery, nor done any radiation or chemotherapy.

I have for many years heard a voice, neither man nor woman and it has always shown up in my greatest moments of need. And it showed up when I discovered the lump in my right breast just over 4 years ago. It was very clear, My inner voice said, “NO CUTTING INTO MY BODY for SURGERY, NO CHEMO OR RADIATION. TRUST THIS PROCESS AND LISTEN AND TRUST YOUR BODY.” Fear did arrive at my door step. This was a feeling outside this innate wisdom of my inner voice. And I knew that fear was going to be the first lesson to work with. Fear of the unknown, dying, suffering, pain, immense discomfort, what would this do to my body, losing everything that I valued, my daughter and grandson at the top of that delusional list, my partner, my tribe, my life! The IMMENSE TERROR that this perceived reality brought bounced through me like a pinball. Touching on every nerve in my body, leaving me shaking and trembling so hard my legs would collapse. The heaviness of this death story became unbearable to carry around. My body stopped moving. I was sedentary for a very long time as I met all these fears and terrors. It was an inside job and I had to release and let go of my old life completely if I was going to have the strength to meet this part. Long time friends, gone. My ways of being valued through relationships and how I care-took people had to STOP! I had to go this part of the path alone. I had to find my innate wisdom and strength to make it.

I have felt every range of emotion a human being could face. Thought every imaginable terror story one could muster up. Cried so hard blood vessels in my eyes popped and appeared. Reached levels of terror that literally froze my body into such a state of excruciating pain I could not function. Layed in my bed for long periods of time in absolute helpless hopelessness. Dreamed of dying so it could all end. And even thought about how I could die, take my life and end this living hell I was experiencing. And through it all I kept believing that I can do this, I can make it through, I can thrive in this life no matter what my body is doing! I believe in you, BODY! I BELIEVE YOU HAVE ALL THE MEDICINE WITHIN TO PROCESS WHAT WAS HAPPENING INSIDE. I BELIEVE THAT IF MY BODY BROUGHT THIS TUMOUR IN THAT IT COULD TRANSCEND IT OUT!!!

Every day I got up went into my kitchen and prepared my morning hot drink. Each day I would alchemize one thing or many. I continued to live my life in art, creativity, researched and read, meditated, did breath work, got on my vibrafit, and worked on creating a garden, and many more things and protocols.

Eight months ago I had to move out of my home in Sidney because of a very disturbed and mentally unwell landlord. I moved to Nanaimo and here I had to empty a home of my partner’s Mother who passed. Twenty five years of her life lived I had to clear and sell first before I could make this my home. I did not know how I would do this and take the rest and care I needed. And support a grieving partner all the while dealing with administrative probate, will and end of life tasks in the 3d world. I write all this here and feel the massive and enormous challenged life I just lived through. WOW!!! This vessel of Dana Lynn is truly AMAZING. I celebrate myself and all that I have come through in this time of my own personal transformation. It has been so difficult, painful, uncomfortable and so REWARDING too.

I have included pictures of my breast in this blog THIS WAS VERY DIFFICULT to do. The open wound one is back in November 2021 and this was not at its worst state. I managed this open wound which was from the tumor getting so large that it literally broke open my skin from within creating a very large open gaping hole that leaked stuff from it constantly. I heard again the voice telling me to not bandage it up like the doctors and nurses wanted me to. I never put a bandage on it. I found these sports bralettes in Duncan that seemed to work perfectly. They covered the open wound just right and I treated the entire open sore with colloidal silver, spraying it 3 – 5 times daily. Also a broccogen salve. Aloe vera on a cloth put inside the bralette. I made up castor oil packs a few times and applied that. I covered it in frankincense essential oil everyday a couple times throughout. All the while maintaining a vegan diet, juicing a few times a week, salads, supplemental protocols and holistic treatments at the Naturalpath. It was more than a full time job. I could not work and earn money, thank God for the supplemental pandemic funds that I applied for because I would not have afforded a home for myself or all my supplies needed to do all I was doing.

And through this all I had to move from my dream farm life, move my 5th wheel trailer off the land to where I was, then sell it, which broke my heart. Then move from where I was to a new home where I started getting harassed and bullied by the landlord. I then had to move from there to Nanaimo away from all my family and tribe where a new journey began which I have shared above already.

The other picture of my breast was taken a few days ago. Remember no surgery, chemo or radiation. I am not here to claim a cure or that I am healed. My sharing is to tell my story and if anyone can gain something from it then writing this was all worth while. And to say, it was all worth it for my own journey to dive into the deepest richest realms of this being of Dana Lynn. To suffer, to have broken down every story and narrative that existed in my programmed 3D world. To explore and discover an even deeper, richer and more profound magic and miracle of the 5D world. To remember the exceptional strength and power that this one woman has had to go into these extensively deep pools of the psyche. To have had the opportunity to feel so much emotion with fear and terror leading and to be here now to share with all of you this very vulnerable area of a women’s anatomy.

While going through the extensive holistic treatments at the naturalpath others with cancer were also getting treatments there. I overheard everything because we were all in a room together getting IV’s. These people were very sick from the chemo and radiation. I remember feeling so much gratitude because I wasn’t even close to experiencing the suffering these people were. Their quality of life was non-existant and I had such a rich deep quality of life in comparison to theirs’.

The ‘gift’ in my breast I labeled it right from the very moment I met it, all those years ago in the mold infested apartment. Some would have made it the enemy and my voice called it the ‘gift.’

I have shared as much as I can right now with respect to my journey with the ‘gift.’ I wish you all to thrive in your life. To know whatever you are experiencing will shift and change. Take everything as a blessing and opportunity to learn, grow and know yourself on a deeper level. It is so Amazing!!! I am AMAZING AS ARE YOU!!!!

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  1. Pattie Wolfram says:

    Thank you Dana Lynn for your bravery insight and inspiration. Your story is so intimate and deep. I honour you in your journey. With love and grace Pattie


    1. The Dharmacy says:

      And I honour you beautiful soul.


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