October 3, 2022, Update on my journey with the “Gift in my Breast”

It’s sure been a busy time with life. I know from watching, reading, listening and talking with others people are in some of the greatest struggles of their lives. Every time I have a chat with someone there is something big that has come up in their life that they are having to be with. I have been getting a lot of messages about what is happening in the world and what will continue to transcend. I know in my own path I have met some of the most difficult places to traverse through.

Ok now onto the update; I decided to fire my Oncologist early this year that was assigned through the BC Cancer Agency. She was rude, thoughtless, cold and I felt like I wasn’t a human being in her company. I had prepared a letter that was very dear to my heart to read to her at our first meeting and part way in she interrupted me and said in this snarky tone, “Are you done yet?” This was not the first indication of her awful bedside manner. In my letter I told her how I wanted to be treated, how I was referring to the tumor in my breast as ‘the gift’ and that I was refusing all chemo, radiation and any highly toxic western medicine. She rolled her eyes in the back of her head when she first called it ‘the gift’ and every time after that. When she went to examine the right breast, she shrieked out, “Oh my god that doesn’t look good.” I quickly responded, “You should have seen it a few months ago, it looked way worse.” After the examination she tried to get appointments booked on chemo and radiation. She also attempted to get some other treatment for ancestral tracing that was very invasive after telling her I will not operate or have a biopsy. I explained to her that I did not want to disturb it from outside and that this was very important to me (this was also in the letter). She also finished up by telling me that they were only buying time for me, that I would eventually die from this. My beloved came with me and referred to something and she rudely cut him down and shut him off. By the time I left there I felt so demoralized, sad, infiltrated and abused. Once out to the car I cried into a puddle of lost faith. I thought to myself if this was help and being supported, I don’t want it. Then I had to go through the aloneness and what would I do if I didn’t have an Oncologist? God I couldn’t fire the Oncologist, could I? I spent months figuring out what my options were, what could I actually do about this awful experience with this very large Corporation/Agency?

After a few months I decided to report the Oncologist to the head of the BC Cancer Agency and I was met with such respect and empathy. The Doctor’s assistant who answered her phone was so excited to receive my call and told me she would help me get this moving forward. It was as though she knew what kind of person this doctor was and was elated that someone had finally come forward to report her. After about 2 months from reporting her, I was assigned a new Oncologist and was asked to come in for an appointment in March 2022. This was still in CO19 times and I was very concerned about how I would be treated and met there because I was not vaccinated nor would I be wearing a mask because of my medical exemption. The lady who made my appointment for my new doctor guaranteed that she would handle it and make sure the head nurse was advised. The day we went in there it was mayhem and we were treated like we had some contagious illness and swept down to a room way off the main part of the agency. We remained there for quite some time while they did whatever they were doing. The shift manager came and talked with us a few times and I explained how wrong this was, how other parts of the world had no mandates anymore and we were not even sick. They finally took us to a very beautiful corner room with windows where we waited for the oncologist. The first to arrive was a doctor in training, he was lovely, his bedside manner AMAZING! I was in tears by this time after all the harassment we had just been through and I even spoke with the original lady that booked me in and she lied to me on the phone and told me she would have never said it was ok to come in without vaccines and a mask. She was just saving her ass and I told her so. I explained that I am not the kind of person who walks into a viper’s pit without first clearing the way for myself. From this moment on it just got better and then my Oncologist came in. He reminded me of Patch Adams, just his jolly disposition and the way he was dressed. We proceeded to have such an amazing connection and conversation. The two of them were so interested in what I was actually doing outside of western medicine. They both kept asking really curious questions and seemed genuinely interested in my path. Dr. G (the oncologist) asked what it was that I loved about Dr. K my other oncologist and I explained to him that he never gave me bad news, I had asked him to only give me positive feedback and answer my questions directly and to not give me his medical advice unless specifically asked. And that he always fist bumped me when we saw each other. Dr. G said with such sincerity that he could do all of that.

So here is how the examination went in March 2022; he took a picture of the breast. He checked under each of my underarms to see if there were tumors there. He felt the left one first as this was the one to compare to the right one. He felt 2 nodules there, which when he referred back to the last time there were 3 large ones and now these felt smaller in size. He checked my neck and around my sternum. He proceeded to check each of my lungs for fluid and air circulating properly. All of those were positive, that all looked and sounded as they should. We finished up by him saying he would like it if I would go in for extensive blood work and another CT scan so he could compare to the last one.

Just to give you a time lapse of all of this, my last blood work and CT scan were in September 2021. I went in to see Dr. G in March 2022. I went in July of 2022 for the blood work and CT scan and then went in September 2022 for my latest appointment.

Probably for those that have been following along, here is the part I presume you are most interested in. I planned a trip to visit my daughter just recently and stayed with her and my grandson for the last two weeks in September 2022. My test results were all in and while visiting I made appointments with my family doctor, Dr. S, my oncologist, Dr. G and my natural path doctor, Dr. R. Just to let you know I am also treating a rare skin disease called Hailey Hailey. My family doctor is supporting me in this and the appointment went extremely well and the skin disease is settling down now. I have recently found a couple homeopathics to take to ease the onset of the disease. I will be going on this protocol soon for 3 months.

As for the extensive blood work and CT scan results I had done in July, 2022; I met with Dr. G on Friday, September 23, 2022 at 10:30 am. This time I was swept right through the BC Cancer Agency to the examining room, no harassment or any word around my exemption, thank God! Dr. G came in with his jolly demeanor and greeted me with such a joyful smile. His first words, “WOW, GREAT TEST RESULTS!” I smiled and said, “Yes, I am super happy about them.” He proceeded to explain that in the blood work, they measure what are called tumor markers, mine back in September 2021 were up around 200 and now they were around 30. He referred to the CT scan which shows the actual size of the gift in my breast, measuring in at 6.4 cm in September 2021 and now in July 2022 it’s at 2.4 cm. I asked what this actually meant in their terminology and he expressed to keep doing what I was doing because these results are unheard of without any great suffering through their medicine. He was in shock and continued to explain that there were no more tumors in my body except the gift in my breast which had considerably DECREASED as per above! The lesions they had found back in September 2021, a lot were gone and very few were there but remained the same, which he expressed was a very good sign. My weight gain he explained, “Weight gain means, YOU HAVE the cancer, it doesn’t have you!” He proceeded to tell me, “I don’t know what to do with you as you are not my usual patient. What do you want to do next?” he asked. “Well, maybe we can take a picture to put on my file of what the breast looks like today. And you could examine my underarms to see what you feel there?” He agreed and went out to get the hospital camera. He took the picture and we compared it to the last one and WOW what a significant change and healing. He then proceeded to feel up into my left under arm and stated he wanted to get an idea what a normal lymph area felt like to compare to the right one. After examining the right under arm, he told me it felt just like the left one. The 2 nodules were gone that were their last time. In summary all the tests told him that there was nothing to be concerned about. He also mentioned that because the September 2021 and July 2022 test results had so much time between them this also told him that this was a really great sign. That it was almost a year and you are going in the right direction and it has sustained itself all this time. He then sat down in front of me with his notebook and asked, “what are you doing?” I told him about some of my supplement protocols, sound healing work, deep emotional work and then started to feel somewhat anxious. I realized that I wasn’t respecting my entire process of everything that I had been doing and are doing in this short time I would have with him. He thanked me for the information that I gave him and I asked “why are you writing it down?” “To share” he said. I asked him, “what is next? and “how long until we need to see each other again?” “How about a year? and if you have anything that you need me for, please contact me right away.” I was so pleased by this answer. He fist bumped me and away he went onto the next. And I left the Agency, went out to my car and cried with tears of celebration and joy this time.

My next appointment was with my natural path Dr. R on Tuesday, September 27, 2022 at 12:30. I was booked in for a UBI Ozone and mugwort IV. I brought my printed CT scan with me because I knew that Dr. R would like to see it. I was engaged with a patient beside me when I gave Dr. R the test results. He took the results to the other room and I heard a “WOW!” He came back to the treatment room and asked if he could photocopy the CT scan, I said yes. Once the other patient left, he came back to the treatment room, pulled up a stool, sat down with his laptop and proceeded to say, “I should be sending you clients. What are you doing?” Again, I told him of some of my supplement protocols and other holistic treatments of how I was working on myself extensively. And again, felt the anxiety come back, realizing that I could not begin to express everything that I have done and that trying to tell him a few things in this moment didn’t feel right. I said I would be in touch.

I have been home for 2 days going on my 3rd. There is a lot to process and sit with with respect to the interactions I have had with what is perceived as professionals in this disease industry. And how they sat down with me to ask what it is that I have been doing. This has brought a lot of something to the surface for me. I am really unsure as to how to address these inquiries from these doctors. And a book keeps flashing in my third eye. When I imagine a book, I feel a tremendous amount of overwhelm and anxiety. And yet I am not prepared to just randomnly share little bits of information as it doesn’t feel right.

I want to give all those beautiful giving souls that gave to my GoFundMe journey this update and to let you see what I have been experiencing and doing. AND TO GIVE GREAT THANK YOU’s and GRATITUDE too. I had great hesitancy in sharing all of this with you as I am not here to claim that I am healing, curing or fighting cancer only that I answered a call that took me in so many directions that everything that a human being could feel and experience I did. The greatest success that I have achieved is a deeper stillness and quiet to listen to my innate wisdom that is here within. There is a voice that may not make sense to others in this reality; however, it has been my guiding light. I am moving in the direction that feels right for me. And I will continue to deepen, listening to my innate wisdom no matter what happens.

Thank you to all my friends, tribe and to my dear daughter and grandson I love you all so very much. I am sure you have all felt many things through this and You have all stood by me as I make decisions that probably haven’t made sense to you, however, have loved me through it. There are not enough Thank you’s and time to deliver how much I have appreciated all of your help and understanding. Blessings and love.

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